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Salam everyone

Ramadhan Kareem :)

I also created a similar post on Dammam forum, since Hofuf has no forum, I guess my post belongs in both places? :/

I am new to Hofuf. I'm a single, male teacher from Canada (30s). First time visiting and working in Saudi Arabia, although I have extensive solo traveling experience in the Middle East.

I'm living in a single apartment not too far from the center. I don't have a car and feel quite immobile here. But, I am generally happy.

I'm looking for a gym membership but the nearest establishment is a sweaty 30 minute walk nearby Riyadh road AND it's a little expensive, 100US/month (Fitness Time).

I was hoping to find a more "local" style gym, if available.

Does anyone here consider themselves a bit of an expert on Hofuf? Or may know a little bit? Or people currently living here?

If so, I am happy to meet new people.

Have a nice day :)

Hi Friend!

Welcome in Saudi Arabia :)

Actually I am in Khobar , however I levied in Hofuf for one year, so I will check my connections there to see how can I help

Best Regards,


Thank you very much Ahmed :)

Hi there, where are you in al hofuf, I m from Toronto Canada, and in talk with a company to get job there as technical instructor.
I need some info about vicinity, let me know if you can help.

Hi I moved to hofuf recently too and can't find other expats

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