English speakers in South France

I am trying to relocate to South France.  I am from the US and i will moving around the Toulon area. Are there any close English speaks in the area? I would like to have discussions!

French people mostly are bad at speaking english... good luck!

hello Miss Atlanta,
I am a French woman who has lived in the US and I am now back home since last week and I am bored to death here!!
I am about to try my luck at the French Riviera because I am in the north close to Normandy and it is too cold and wet for my taste here:(
I just left Hawaii and tropical weather last week....but no work there for a white girl like me...
Are you moving to Toulon for work?
Let me know if you need help...I have a whattsapp number, it is free to text me then...
Have a nice day/evening

Why not say "english speakin people are bad a french"...we the ones been in europe, is not them in our people speak french, this s france, none got obligation neither s mandatory to speak english....

Wow! Nathalie - Hawaii sounds amazing!  How long were you there? I would really like to visit Hawaii someday.

I am in the north Boulogne sur mer, its on the coast, very pretty and everything is in walking distance.** regards Steve

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i am situated in the South of France. Singaporean here. =)

In the Dordogne area there a lot of people from the UK, same here in Bordeaux...

ah i see..
thanks for your kind reply..
I passed by that area while getting to Limoges.. I am near Cannes here.. =)

English is my first language. I am new in toulon, france i will b happy meeting  other english speakers here in toulon.

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