Banks and finance - Cheapest way to send money to my family? Kenyans here..which one is the cheapest way to send money back to my family?am confused a little bit...need some advise pliz

have you tried wetern  Union?

Yes..but just wanted to hear of any other option.

:top: Money express I think is cheaper.

Very express is the cheapest way to send money...n u dat money should b withdrawn from banks with money express

Ah ok thankyou  friends....I will settle for express money..

Money express is where are they having branches or its online ?

Cheer Stefan

Money Xpress is the cheapest way to send money to your native land e.g Kenya with the lowest tax.

I think it has got branches.

ask the banks about their wire transfer, as they might have a corresponding bank in Kenya, and might be much cheaper than Western Union or Moneygram

PayPal  :/

PayPal is the best way the banks are just money thief's and Western Union is full of scammers.

I use currency fair. It's not instant like Western Union but is cheaper. It's a bank to bank transfer with a peer exchange in between. I send Australian dollars to my wife in Jordan into her US dollar account.

Google it if you want

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