Buying a small business like a food market or a restaurant

I am from Lahore, Pakistan.
I want to buy a food market or a restaurant in Istanbul and then want to settle there in turkey with me and my wife.
I have found some food markets that are suitable to me.
How much time does it take for setting up a company?
and how much time will it take for the visa's?

Please advise what what shall i do as i need to invest around 350000TL.


If it will be easier and more woth your while, you can take over the restaurant with the company, it will take only 1 day to complete the transfer.

or you can set-up a new company,

a) a business (şahıs firma) to your name title, costs 300 TL and take 2 business days, less gains tax paid to government from monthly sales made. (like small restaurants, local shops, small businesses, commonly use)

b) a company (limited şirket) to a brand name or trade, costs 1500 TL and takes 4 business days, percentages paid to government from gross sales.

For these types of work you do not need a lawyer and pay tones of money.

All you need to do is find a reputable accountant and give him / her a power of attorney to do the application works (notary + tax office) for you. An accountant will charge you a fixed setup fee for a few hundred TL and also do your monthly beyannames (tax declarations) so you do not end up paying fines (if not done on regular monthly basis).

Hope this helps.

I am interested

Thanks alot for wonderful information. I need couple of mins from you.

Is there any web source from where i can see business for sale in Istanbul

Hi aadilwajid,

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Business for sale in Turkey section :)

Thank you


Many thanks for guiding me

hello friend selam i am mahmud from turkey !if you can tell me where do you want to have it and what kind of restourant because in turkey there are a lot and deal whit turkish peaple a bit difficult  restourant is a good idea but has lots of risks too.i have an idea internation caffe chain as starbucks and looking for a partner! if you are interested you can write me thanks!

hello Mahmood,
please advise me the cost for opening a franchise like Starbucks in Istanbul and some other options

I am looking for a partner to to set up a coffee shop in Istanbul

Hello everyone,

@ Alhashemi1984, please drop an advert in the proper section of the website for your search : Turkey classifieds > Business partners.

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Hello, I am interested to move to turkey and start a small business

Assalam alaikum,

Unfotunately you can not open Starbucks in Turkey. Because of starbucks rules. Starbucks doesn't give royalty anyone. They open shop themselves in Turkey.

But here there are a few restraunt and cafe which popular brand.

If you are still interested we could discuss.

Best regards from Istanbul
Ahmet Burak

Dear sir
Have a nice day

I want to invest in restaurants and I want to inquire about the cost of opening a restaurant in addition to the cost of licenses necessary to open the restaurant , I don’t want this restaurant in a high-class area but in a good and crowded area .
can I bring my family to stay In Turkey and working in the restaurant ? and if I could not bring them what are the ways in which my family can be brought to live with me in Turkey

best regards


It takes 1 day to set up a company, but you should apply for residence permit to set up a company first.  Residence permit takes about a month depending on the density of applications.

After setting up a company, an accountant company can do all the work of taxation, follow-up and all matters related to your business with a fix monthly fee.

If you are willing a consultant company, you can contact me for further details.

best regards,

Dear we are looking investment opportunities in real in Istanbul you may join me

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