[Talking with Korean friends and learn Korean]

Meet up with Korean friends and learn Korean from them

You can exchange your language , culture with them

Make a new friend and get to know more about Korea!

If you are interested in it, just pm me or contact through kakao talk

Annyong kelly kim  :D
I'm  rania from tunisa , and i'm interesting in korean people , culture k-pop .....everything related to korea , can we chat in kakao talk ?
Thanks anyway^^

Hello Kelly Kim, I read ur mssg and I'm so interested to know more about Korean culutre and learn Korean language I hv also KT and hope to exchange the culutre and language!^^

I have spent many years in South Korea and I can say its an interesting culture.  The language, although difficult to speak, is very simple to learn to read and writes as most of the younger generation has simply dropped a lot of the traditional characters.  Like most languages, there are still a measure of words in English that do not translate and are simply spoke or translated directly.

i'm interested in learning korean and meeting korean friends! can you help me? :)

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