Animals in Belize - can I bring my dog when I move there?

Can anyone give me any information regarding the laws for bring a dog from the US to Belize? I am looking to move to Belize and want to bring my pet with me.

Hi Linda, welcome to! :)
Maybe you should contact your vet? They usually have a listing of the countries with the procedures on what's needed to travel there with pets.
Still I hope some active members of the board will be able to supply you with useful information.

Yes you can bring your dog. You will need to get an import permit from B A H A.

thank you, I will look into the BAHA permit.

Let me know if you need any help, I live here in Bullet Tree village so I am not all that far from the Baha office in central farms. I am pretty sure you can find the form on line. IF you contact Dr. Depaz tell him Mary from the humane society sent you.

I, too, will be bring my dogs with me.  I have found out that after you have all the paperwork then I can bring them right off the plane with me.  That was my biggest concern - the quarantine.

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