Eco farm soon near Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve. Looking for Friends!?

Hello expat-blog community!

My name is Karina, I'm from Germany and I hope to be able to live in Sri Lanka from next year on. Together with my husband Sam from UK, who spends already most of the year in Sri Lanka since two years, we are working on establish an eco farm near the Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve.
We love nature and want to save the beautiful remaining forest in the Deniyaya region. Due to our remote place it's not easy to find new friends so we would love to get in touch with likeminded people through this forum to share experience and get some advice on cultural and practical things.
Have a great day, Peace and Love

Hi, Karina,
I am much delighted when spotted your posting in because German is one of my favorite  country and lucky to find a couple like you. let introduce myself, I am Prema married with two children and living in the same
area who is a tea planter have nice tea plantation. Deniyaya is very close to me. so we can share many many things
cultural and practical things.of cause become family friends would like to give any help as you all are our guests. so please reply me definitely we become good friends. awaiting to hear from you soon.

Great day for you too.

Kind regards.

Hi Prema,

Great to hear from you and I'm very much looking forward to meet you in person :)
Are you in Sri Lanka at the moment? I will be there in July and Sam my hisband is there right now
so we could come and visit you if you live close to Deniyaya. I've seen that you work in Muscat so you might not be here. And if you know about a reliable lawyer in Colombo or Galle I would be very grateful. We have already worked with two but we were not so happy with them and we've made some bad experience with a local guy that worked for us and stole some money juste recently :(
Thanks and have a great day,


Hi dear....
I'm so delight by your interest in nature. Pls write to me. Love to assist you


Send me your e.mail address to introduce a friend.

Hello everyone,

@rila, Can you please tell us more about this friend of yours ? It will be better if you exchange on the forum  :)


Hi Bhavna, Good Day

My friend is married from Deniya and is a candidate in the current General Election and a helpful individual. His house is very close to Sinharaja. Hi is from Matara a costal town in the south. He is from a respected family. His wife is working in a Tea Factory in Deniyaya . When you are in Sri Lanka please contact me ** well in advance to arrange a meeting with him.

Thanks and regards

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Hello Karinale,
I'm from Guyana but have lived in Germany over 40 years, and hope to move to Sri Lanka next year. Your project sounds wonderful! I'd like to keep in touch. I have a German friend who has a bio-farm (I believe) near Kandy, andI'm trying to find her. She's in her 70's and her name is Marlies H. (Don't want to post her full name here!) She's not answering her phone. If you or anyone knows her, I'm hoping you'll let me know!

You are welcome to Sri Lanka.Yes. I have a friend in Deniyaya and he might be more than happy to help you whatever possible means. Have u purchased land already for the farm?  I have a villa in Beruwala near the sea and one day we can meet there with your husband.

Thanks and regards

Hi Karinale! 

I am an Australian lady in my 50s who is seriously thinking of moving here - at least for half the year.  I will be coming in March to have a look around. Hope to catch up with you then.  You both sound very interesting!



HI Kesfromz

You are welcome to Sri Lanka and we are there to help you by all possible means to make your stay in Sri Lanka a pleasurable one. Pls. reply to : ***

Thanks and regards

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HI: How divine  to  live near  a rainforest!!!   But why not IN a rainforest?
After  u get   settled I'd like to write   to ask how everything is going   in your forest.
I'm in Santa   Monica CA right  now but we can still be  friends I hope.
The best  of luck,

Hello Karinale,

I also nature lover, heart of the world is amazon and also heart of the Sri Lanka are sinharaja & knuckles
My hometown is Matara now I'm in Colombo
But travelling is my hobby

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