Workshop for photograpy (semi-professional)

Hi there!

I was wondering if someone knows a good place who are giving workshops for photography?
Recently bought a Canon EOS 70d. Would like to invest in my knowledge about it.
Also for food photography.

Like to hear from you.


Well, there is this nice looking club:
It might be helpful to get some experience.

Thank you so much!!!

I can show you how to master every function of your camera and what would be the result of different settings to your final picture.

I am not claiming I am professional photographer at all, I have had a few workshops but photography is just a hobby for me, plus it would be nice to actually find someone who will join me in some photography escapades.

Most welcome :)

Dear Members,

I have a keen interest in photography so just wondering if any professional photographer need assistant and can give me a chance. I have a basic knowledge and ready to get a training on a part-time basis.


I participated before in a free workshop but the most I could get there is, as a newbie, it's more of trial and error plus a good editing tools. It is a basic introduction about the different areas of photography. If you want an extensive course, they are offering paid workshop. … bdb6f623ed

But it would be nice to form a group or a weekly meet up and share what we know in photography. I mostly depend on watching videos in youtube. It is also helpful.

whilst running dwn the marina walkway two saturdays ago i came across a group of bizarre individuals walking around with their DSLR cameras snapping pictures near the Sultan Al Jazeera restaurants - search for the group that was active on 10.10.15 on Google and maybe you'll find 'em.

check the link, enjoy

Watch "9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)" on YouTube

Hi Chantal,
I know your post was from last year, but I was wondering if any one is interested in working as a photographer , please let me know or send me a message.

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

@ Sara Makki, i suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Kuwait section of the website so that interested candidates may contact you.

All the very best,

Thank u dear

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