Long term rentals, expat area etc

Hello everybody,
planning to move in Alicante with my family but before decide we would need some info.
First of all, what are the best websites for long term house rent announcements. Second, if we would like to move in a residential/expat area, with detached houses with garden etc what would be the best area (both in Alicant and around) with a house budget per month max 1400 eur including utilities?
Thank you,

Hello andher76 :)

You may drop an advert in our Housing in Alicante section of the site to increase your chances to find a nice rental.

Browsing the section 'Accommodation' of the  ''Forum Categories'' on the right hand side of your screen may help you gather some infos while waiting for members to respond.


I keep up with long term house (and apartment) listings on a website called Kyero.  You will find many offerings in all price ranges in all areas of Spain. 

My guess would be that local advertising would offer better deals but I have found many, many wonderful listings on amazingly affordable prices.


We are looking for a long term appartment rental in Torrevieja. Thank's for your advice.

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