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I'm a P.h.D student from Iran which planed to come to the Denmark in September for a six month research visit. I have an invitation letter from DTU, so it would be better to settle in Lyngby or Copenhagen. It should be mentioned that my wife would be with me. Since I have nobody in Denmark, it would be very helpful, if you could answer some of the below questions:

What is the best choice for renting a furnished place for settlement? an apartment, studio or flat, and how much does it cost?
Is there any online web site which we could rent our property before arrival in Denmark?
Transportation and Food, how much those cost?

We have a limited budget, so its important for us to efficiently choice the living place and services.

Best Regards,
Mehdi Moradi

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You can rent a one room flat nearly 6000 dkk in copenhagen that is like 3000000 toman in iranian currency, but it is not that easy , there is a real estate website : , but first of all you need to subscribe to that,

Good luck

Hello Mehdi Moradi and welcome on board

You may drop an advert in our Housing in Copenhagen section of the site to increase your chances to find a nice rental.

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Have you already found a housing?

Else, I would suggest to you that you try this site: - some housings near DTU will show up.

What about the university? Haven't you got a mentor who can give you some advice? … al-Affairs … gby_Campus

I would also send an e-mail to this address: pks[at]
It is the mail-address to the administration of the student accomodation.

Good luck … -1/housing

Hey Mehdimradi,

A bit of advice regarding housing is to use your purpose of visit as a mean to prioritize accommodation search organized by DTU -- as you know housing is a big issue in Copenhagen. Universities normally have this sort of support.


I am moving to Denmark Copenhagen . Help me with studio please for rent . Regards, Bharath

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