chinese food in hcmc

As a long time former New Yorker I sometimes miss Chinese takeout. Any one know any decent Chinese restaurants in hcmc that serve dishes like general tso chicken, chow mein, lemon or orange chicken?

I sound fat... haha :D

How long have you been here???

You do realize that there are maybe 1'000'000-2'000'000 ethnic Chinese Vietnamese in HCMC, or did you not know?
They are mostly found in the area called ChoLon (District 5,6,10,11). You'll find any kind of Chinese food there. Furthermore, in downtown Saigon (D.1) there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants, usually easily identified from the outside because they use both Vietnamese and Chinese writing on the signage.

Just open your eyes!

I think the OP is referring to western style Chinese food such as chow mein, chicken balls, almond guy ding, Kung pow chicken, or chop suey. This is hardly Chinese but American Asian dishes that you would never find in the likes of say Hong Kong.

There is however a restaurant in Saigon on Vietnammm website called "sizzling wok" They even have the authentic take out container boxes found in America. The menu is almost all western Chinese. Our family tried it one night and it was exactly like a Chinese restaurant in the west.


The best Chinese restaurants don't locate near Cho Lon (just Obesity food ). I recommend some Chinese restaurants in Tran Hung Dao street (from Nguyen Tri Phuong-Nguyen Van Cu bridge)..

They have good fruit juice too.



Holy crap! How did I not see your reply almost a year ago?? Frank malt got it exactly right. I meant American style Chinese food.I know there are a ton of Chinese restaurants in hcmc but almost a year later and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Believe me, my eyes are open. I should've been a bit more specific. Maybe you wouldn't have came out with a useless, condescending reply.

Hi, I'm also a former long time NYer.... I'd love to have some dirty, american style Chinese food.  I've heard that in Beijing they have American Chinese restaurants.

I've yet to find anything that satisfies that nostalgia. If you find something, make sure to update this thread xD

Eat at your own risk but don't say I didn't warn you! :) Quality varies anywhere from "just barely satisfied my craving" to inedible. Hopefully you'll have better luck, but I would not have high expectations.'s a little off the topic, but i found Dim Sum at phường 11 Quận 5, 18 Ký Hoà, phường 11,
to be fantastic

Hi guys,

Do you know any place to have the Beijing Duck and some Xiao long Bao?

Try Phat Phuc in Thao Dien. They have what you're looking for and also have delivery too.

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