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My wife and i own a montessori school in South Africa going up to grade 7. Because of the political situation here we are investigating moving the school. I have seen online there are a large number of expats in PNG and i was wondering what your thoughts are regarding the viability of such a move.


Would be welcome here. There are a couple of "quasi" Montessori schools here but they follow principles not necessarily the practice. The other thing is that pre-kindergarten schools for expats are really expensive - so you might be able to tap into a niche...

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

Are you PNG at the moment ? I would be grateful if I could pick your brain a bit. 


I recently moved to Australia because i was frustrated with International schools in Port Moresby. I looked at starting a Montessori school myself.. (my husband and I own business and property in Port Moresby).. but felt that I would need to be trained myself for it to be viable. I definitely think there is room in the market. Finding a suitable location will be your biggest hurdle in relation to security and cost.
Education is highly valued by affluent PNGeans and many of us who can afford to send our kids abroad, at least for high school. I would be more willing to educate my son in Port Moresby if I felt the school was equivalent to an Australian montessori standard.
My youngest sister did her last two years of primary school at a new school in Kokopo that is using a montessori method. She is now one of the top in year class at boarding school in Aus. To set this school up they managed to convince families of 25 kids (with the help of a relative of mine also fruastrated with IEA) to move from the local international school. Now in their 3rd year enrolment continues to grow.
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I jsut found your post about your idea of moving to PNG and build a montessori school.
What happened ? have you done your expat move? I might be going there with my little girl and I am looking for a kindergarden shool for her.  Thanks for your reply. julie
(PS/ it s funny i lived 3 years in SA (cape town) and i miss it a lot. But i had to come back ))

Hey, I read your message about the montessori school in New britain. Could you tell me more about the Kokopo School? I might move in this island for work. I am looking for information for my little girl who be going ito school next year (3 yo). Thanks a lot

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