Where to live? Considering Ajman

Hey Everyone. I'm starting a new job with Adveti in Ajman and UAQ and was wondering what the best areas are to live in Ajman? I have a 16 year old son so it needs to somewhere safe. Where do Expat families, from the UK choose to live in Ajman? Also if anyone's interested in being friends, that'll be nice too...

Hello Babzi and welcome to  :)

When are you planning to move to Ajman ?

I wish you all the best in your project.


Hi There Moving in August. Yes I am considering Ajman. :) are u?

Planning to move to Ajman in Jan 2018.

1.Please tell me tips for getting good accommodation.

2. Also please enlighten me about the cost of living in Ajman.

3. I have two small kids. So planning to hire a maid. Where to search for maids and what's the procedure to hire a maid.

4. What about the schools in Ajman?

Sorry for asking so many questions..
Thanks in advance..

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