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I m from Karachi, Pakistan. I am coming to Malaysia for job as Technical Consultant.
What should be the salary scale I deserve in Malaysia.
I am Sr. Software Engineer. Having 3 year plus working experience in ERP Technical Consultancy and Software Engineering.
Please, guide me minimum salary scale for my experience.

Zain Khan

Here is a link to a salary guide … lary_guide

Employment Pass processing has two parts. First the company applies for permission to create a position that can be offered to a foreigner. This can take 6-8 weeks these days and Ramadan is coming soon so could be delayed further. If this is positive a calling visa may be issued to the Malaysian High Commission in a part of India. This would take about 7-10 days. The employee is then able to enter Malaysia and apply for the EP to be pasted into passport, which takes about 2-21 days depending on the method the company adopts. A company can sometimes ask a candidate to enter Malaysia on a normal visitors/tourist visa - but its essential to get confirmation that the first stage has been approved before doing that. Don't part with any money as if you are asked to pay for anything its probably a job scam.

I read the link you share with me.
Now, my question i have degree in Computer Science and 3years plus experience in relevant field.
If the new employer is offering me less than RM 5k.
Is there any rule in Malaysia that employer should offer the salary what the candidate deserves not lesser than that?

There are no rules at all. An employer can offer you what they want. You can turn it down or negotiate a higher rate, stating why you think you should be paid more. Just like in Pakistan

Thanks Gravitas for so much help and info.
Be in contact take care Allah bless you.

Word of warning - make sure you are going to be offered an Employment Pass and the basic salary is RM5k and accommodation on top e.g. its worth about RM1k per month. I think you would be ill advised to accept a lower salary as that would put you on a Foreign Worker Pass - and that will cost you more if the company expect you to pay the bond, medical, etc. The company would also be stupid to offer you less than RM5k as the costs of processing a FW permit are higher. They should know that and if they don't and are trying to offer you say RM5k inclusive of accommodation they probably cant legally hire you as the basic salary is the qualifying amount. By the say you will still pay tax on the basic plus the accommodation.

They are offering me less than 5k but offering me accomodation and travelling allowance benefits.
They are hiring me for 2years of employment. If i leave the before 19months i have to pay back them.

If you have dependents they cant join you in Malaysia on any basic salary under RM5k The employer  should pay you minimum basic at RM5k. I would insist that the basic amount incudes the travelling allowance intended and you pay actual travel costs out of your salary. They should also guarantee and prove to you that you will be on an Employment Pass e.g. DP11 and DP10 type of applications. Do not accept anything under RM5k - if you search on "3 years" experience on this forum you can see what other people have been offered. There are lots of postings about salary levels and types of qualifications and jobs. I think the normal salary should amount to RM 6k-6.5k


I am from India and working as software engg. here for 3.5 years of experience. I have been offered salary of 6.5k as basic and another 1k as other  so total of 7.5k, As you have experience nearly same so u could expect nearly same.

harshisr - can you perhaps take a look at the link provided earlier showing salary levels and see whether it corresponds to your total salary? It may help, remembering that job seniority and responsibility, content, other people's pay, etc. affect salary.

Hi, im sathish.. ive got an offer from malaysia and my employer applied for employment pass on 25 august ... its been 20 days .. how long will it take to get the approval... and is there any way to view the detailed tack of my ep status ...
Kindly guide me on the above...
Thanks in advance ...

Takes about 2 months and Indian citizens have to get a Visa with Reference placed in their passport in India before travelling.

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