Where is best Mexican ocean commnunty for ex pats?

Yes definitely visit and figure things out.
"I'd want to be able to live off of $1000-$1200/mo including rent, utilities, food, periodic health care, maybe a cat and just living.  I am fine living simply and in smaller spaces"

  My rent and food is over $1000, but I live in what is considered an expensive 3 bedroom 200 year old house with a pool, so that explains that.

My friend pays half of that for a very small house, then there are apartments. You negotiate what you cover and what the owner covers. The owner of my house pays for major up keep and the water. I pay for pool maintenance and electric.

The food is about $1,500 pesos for me or about 80$ a week US.
There is a big peoples market where products are out in the open, a Mega market, a Chedraui, soriana, and a walmart ( which does actually have some organic things)
So there are some more reality bites to think about.

Note when I say detox, I am referring to my subjective opinion, When I had been here long enough for what ever I consumed in the U.S. to be out of my system the bugs bugged off. Note I did not eat "junk food."

Hola. I spent some time in Campeche ,I grew up on East Coast of Fla and weather very similar hot humid  but Lind of nice once you adapt. There is a small expat community there, I didn't see a lot of gringos and tourist office people didn't speak English ,so hope you know survival Spanish

So Shell5200,

I'm. curious,where is this expat community ?
I am aware of only 3 or 4 expats who speak English here, and they are not part of an actual community. We pass each other on occasion and nod or say hi. There are several people from other areas like Germany and France and the brief seasonal tourists in El Central.

As for speaking English , more locals speak a little English that people think, but yes it is true most don't ,so it is good to get a grip on the language.

Rolllingstone :

Maybe planning a move to Mexico from Canada at least for 5 months a year. Need to know cheap, safe ocean community . Are there others out there who could help? We were thinking of Cabos area, but I know this is in fact an expensive place to live. What other places are available where we would feel safe, be by the ocean and not go broke with buying basic living needs. Gringo! Roberto

Are you committed to the Pacific side ? The coast on the Atlantic side is full of possibilities.  Mexico's Gulf  Tamaulipas to the Yucatán Peninsula: - Tampico - Nautla - Veracruz - Campeche - Progreso ( next to Merida)
Mexico's Caribbean coast - Yucatán and Quintana Roo: - Isla Mujeres - Cancún - Cozumel - Playa del Carmen, Tulum on  Down near Belize is Chetumal , one of my favorite little beach cities.

I think too many limit themselves just to the west and miss some great beaches and turquoise water, but I may be biased given that I live in Campeche.

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