will be moving to South Korea in about 3 months

Hello :)

I am Jenny. I am from Haiti but I am currently living in the US, Boston. I will be moving to South Korea in about 3 months (August 2015) for my master's degree (Korean Government scholarship program ) I love Korean's culture and I cannot wait to move over there!

Hello Jenny, I'm excited for you. Coming from Boston you should be fine with the weather. I moved to Seoul a couple of months ago but have lived in Korea once before. Stay incontact you need any info, what city are your studies based over here or in what city will you be going to school for your Master's degree here?

Hi! Thank you! I am excited as well and cannot wait! yeah! actually i like winter (as long you dress comfortable you usually are fine) Summer not so much cuz of the humidity :( For the first year I don't know on what city I will be yet (I will know on June 16 when niied will release the name of the university that I  will attend for the 1 yea of Korean study) For my master (in Sept 2016) I will be in Seoul (Dongguk University) Basically, I will stay in Korea for 3 years (1 year outside of Seoul to study Korean +2 years in Seoul for my master). On what city do you currently live? what are you doing over there?

Hi Jenny,

Welcome to! :)

I created a new topic as from your post on the South Korea forum. ;)

Hi, Jenny.
I am very happy you are interested in Korea.

There's many meeitng for foreigners.

Please have a great time in Korea.

Thank you! I will check it out! I will live in Busan for a year!  will start studying Korean in Sept 2015 @ Dongseo University and then I will move to Seoul and will attend Dongguk University :)

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