What is expected of you upon marrying a Dominican National?

Trusted (looking at other men)....NO

Bob K

My sister always says, "if you have to ask, you already know". Hotel worker or not. Dominican or American/Canadian etc., if she is checking out other men, she's probably looking for a guy on the side or a new man. How does she treat you? How is your relationship? How do you treat her? You don't have to tell me or anyone else on here those answers, but think about it. Would you accept that behavior from a woman back home (wherever that may be)?   Blessings to you and I hope things work out.



she just married you and looks at other men in your presence? Either she is playing games to make your jealous or worse, or she married you for the wrong reasons in first place. No one can tell what is the right answer. One thing is for sure, if you let her live in DR and and you go back living in US, I wouldn't bet in her being faithful forever.

j5,  it shouldn't be a matter of what 'she' wants, but what you want.   If you get p-whipped even before you're married, you're doomed.  Better yet tell you you want to be married the way most dominicans are, they just call the other partner the 'esposo/a'.   If she doesn't accept that, you're in trouble.

@janitrol    sorry to say but you are in trouble.   Man up.  Take the lead, set the rules. She does not want to play properly, NEXT!   

Hotel workers YOU meet  -  99.5% are looking for a ride.  The other .5%  are not interested in expats, tourists or foreigners, call yourselves what you will. 

There are good honest people working in the hotel / resort industry.  They do their jobs as best they can!  Some of those  who are looking for YOU!  Be aware. Read. Learn. Watch and for heavens sake do not do anything you would not do at home.

Would you support your "date" at home?
Would you commit to someone in a week?
Would you send money without knowing what is going on at home?
Would you "trust" someone you just met?

Get a grip people. Take your time, understand what is going on and take action accordingly.

b First: there is no such thing as a mistake unless you repeat it, trust cannot be placed in general on a group of people.  Trust is gained by a lot of time & personal experience. It cannot be earned by a group. The diatribe against men in history shows a person afflicted by a malignant short sighted view of men in general. I assume a woman wrote this because she ascribes the evil to men, not as a societal assault on the "lesser" folk..      The human, universal need for companionship & love leads us often in perilous   waters, often into that Bermuda Triangle of no return.  It is a rare instance  to be able        to build that bridge over troubled waters.   I too, was blinded by the wiles of a lovely lass & failed to perceive the quicksand before me.  I was fortunate to extricate myself before drowning in that pit of errors.  A painful  dawning awareness of my own projection of perfection.  In other words , I was ripe for the picking.  Nay my friends, I shall not fall prey to my desires without taking the time to assay the reality of it all.  So hard to dismiss the attentions of a beautiful woman who offers a life of joy in her eyes.  Guys & girls use your brain to see the truth. I have close friends who have long & workable marriages. It's not a common occurance but is possible.  It is the same all over this planet of ours.    More to come on the perfidy of relationships.  The TUBA has farted!

Tuba and Planner are right on.

Bob K

Tuba ....un peo noooo.....a bit of advise....yes. missin ya my friend.

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