Systemic over billing by hospitals for foreigners

My wife was recently operated on at Davao Medical School Foundation hospital. DMSF.
We had a firm quote which we paid upfront, which was negotiated with the social welfare and the billing department.
On release, the billing took 5 hours, they claimed an amount over and above the quote for an extra 28, 000 Php.
After 90 mins of arguing they reduced this amount to 5,000 Php.
A blog i am a member of for expats, suggests that foreigners are systematically over charged as a matter of procedure.
I would invite any feedback of your experiences and especially about DMSF.
Norman Allard
Davao City

Nothing new...They will even KIDNAP you if you dont pay...WHAT A COUNTRY!!! No honor...PESO is KING...

It saddens me to see other Filipinos taking advantage of a person just because of the difference in nationality. I do hope the service and payment at a different medical center in the Philippines is not as foul as this one. Thanks for sharing!

Your need to keep a record of all your bills, as accounting and record keeping in the Philipinnes is generally poor. And yes at times you will get charged twice for the same bill, so be aware.

We use St Lukes in BGC, I have never had a billing problem,plus i think it is the best care outside of going to Korea for treatment. Also I am a US Vet and have the billing go though the VA in Manila. So if your country has an embassy and you are ex-military you might look into who they suggest for medical treatment. No matter what i have been charged it was still 500% cheaper than getting it done in a USA hospital.

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