Tips for getting your first job in Switzerland


What are your tips and advice for getting a first job in Switzerland?

What are the job hunting steps to follow? Where to look for offers: newspapers, Internet, recruitment agencies, word-of-mouth?

What are the top hiring sectors?

What would you recommend to young professionals wishing to start their career in Switzerland?

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Getting a job should be your first concern whenever you have plans to come to live here. A permit to stay for Switzerland can only be obtained when you can show that you can provide for yourself - and usually, you need a job (or a pension scheme) for that.
- If you are not a EU citizen, you need a work permit. There are strict quota for these permits and a permit will ony be given if your employer can show that he needs you for the job (and that he couldn't find somebody from the EU or from Switzerland for the job).
- If you are a EU citizen, you will automatically get a work permit when you can show a job contract. There are no quota (at the moment).

Finding a job:
- Swiss are keen on diplomas. Take care to provide a full list of your diploma's - when necessary: provide translations in the local language and/or English.
- Switzerland has a system of written employer references and it is expected that you send a copy of such references from your previous jobs when you apply for a new job. If you don't have them (because such a system does not exist in your country), offer at least the possibility to inquire for references with your former employers.
- Expect the question "how much do you think that you are going to earn in this job" at the first job interview. Prepare by checking the usual salaries in your branche at
- Language: be aware that English is not the standard language in most companies. Exceptions are, of course, international firms and organisations. Languages in Switzerland are German, French, Italian (depending on the region)
- Prepare an extensive and organised file including application letter, cv, copies of diplomas and references.
- Job interview: can be quite formal, better be overdressed than underdressed. Swiss are punctual. BE ON TIME. "My bus/train was late" is a bad excuse, as buses and trains usually are not late in Switzerland.

Good info, thank you

hi i am ajaib carruntly from greece want to move switzerland  i have good exp in electric,plumbing,welding,ACmachenic and driving.

First of, you have a very good attitude with regards to finding a legal way to stay here. That is already a positive sign.
Although the job market in CH is just like other countries on the slow side, there are still chances for IT professionals. There are several job search sites in CH which you will find them by google.
I would only pay my travel expenses is I was short listed for a job.

Thanks for the info.

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