I have been looking around Vietnam for somewhere to relocate to.

I really like the laid back quality of Hoi An and am seriously debating trying to find somewhere here to live. Housing seems to be a bit scarce and from what I have seen a bit on the expensive side. I would like to try it for a month to see if I can settle here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

Hi Popin,
you had a plan to settle in Hoi An? the price of house in the old town is very expensive so you can choose a house in the outskirts such as Cam Nam, it take you 5 minutes by walking to the market and old town, just across the bridge.I used to work as a receptionist there so i know clearly about this area. People are very friendly,and you can enjoy the peaceful atmostphere here.and you don't affraid of being lost money because a thrief enter your home at night like Ho Chi Minh or elswhere. If you want to look for a house , i can help you.


Thanks for your reply. No, I had no particular plan for Hoi An. I arrived here a couple of days ago and just love it. I don't have a problem being out of the centre, in fact I prefer it. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

If you decide to stay a long time in Hoi An, I strongly suggest you rent a place ABOVE MAXIMUM FLOOD LEVEL.  I have seen flood photos of water up to the gutters on houses in Hoi An.

Thanks for that advice. Well worth keeping in mind. :)

Are you an English teacher?  If you are (or want to be) send me a personal message and I can give you a lead on a job in Quy Nhon; a lovely city that's situated in between Danang and Nha Trang.  The job is ideal for someone that's at the starting point of their career, or for someone that can afford to choose a job that pays $1000 per month.  A house is included, however, and it's within walking distance to the beach.

Here's a recent article about the city:

Vietnam city grows more attractive because of green space planning policy

Hi Teacher Mark,

I still run a business via computer and phone in Australia. While a career change can always be on the cards, I am a long way from starting my working life, more like nearing the end of it. Having said that I am always open to new ideas. I attended teachers College in Aust many years ago, but did not finish. I taught English in Japan for a couple of years, also many years ago. If I decide to stay I would certainly be willing to look at the option.


Can Nam island is wonderful very close to farm community, if you want to stay for 1 month try Viet family home stay … 429301,16z    it is directly between the word Google and song Thu Bon free push bike and can arrange scooter if you have liscence

Don't Bother, try DaNang!!!!!

Da Nang is the most worthing living city in VIetnam

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