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Good day.
I am getting older by the day. Hell, who aint. I have started doing weights again and am getting the odd aches and pains. One thing i used to do in a not so far off distant land, was yoga. The benefits from yoga while doing weights is fantastic. More flexibility means greater range of movement, which means better form and less injury. I know this as fact and from personal experience. Mind you the first time i ever went i spent the first 2 weeks giggling like a school boy ( that's another story)
I am living in fun filled Fintas and am wanting to know where there maybe yoga classes near by. Any pointer are much appreciated. Thanks guys n galls

Hilton in Mangaf has classes but I think they are in the morning son weekdays. Have to confirm though.

There some groups that do yoga weekly in public parks or on the beach.Don't know there contacts yet but I think I can get it from friends.

im also interested in joining yoga classes.  I live in salmiya

I would also be interested in Yoga as well. Will be living in Mahboula

Good shout big Jock,

I used to go to a class called Body Balance back home, it's a combo of Thai Chi to warm up, then Yoga and Pilates, so my core strength was quite good, however I'm still as supple as a council yard brush,

There is a yoga class at the Hilton mate, it's 5KD for non members per class, they also do step,body pump, spinning, a local chap does the motivating at the front, he's quite cool,
There's also Zumba (not a chance) and if your feeling a bit like Swayze they do a Salsa class too!!

Nice one

I best not let the wife know. I wont get her away from it. She is here for a month with my boys. Having said that, there is so little here for them to do and my boys (13 and 14) and bored shitless. And being in construction at this time of year i am up at 2.45 every morning. So early to bed and in the evening i am pooped and good for nothing. And on top of that i work a 6 day week. So not much fun for the family. What a place this is. Send me back to Iraq tomorrow, please!
Well in September when some kind of normality creeps back, i may indeed pop along to the Hilton and see about the yoga.
In addition to the Yoga, do they do a proper therapeutic massage. None of that candles and soft music stuff. I need a proper sports massage at least once a week. the gym is beating the crap out me. Why is everything in the gym so bloody heavy!!!!

Yeah I work in construction too, not a lot to do here is there, i'm just making hay while the sun shines, our project finishes in late 2016,then I'm out of here, I was in India before this so this is luxury compared to that hell hole.

It sounds like you need to see a chiropractor mate,( if you haven't consulted one yet) I had problems with my back a few years ago, problems breathing,took me 10 mins to crawl out of bed if I'd been to the gym, thought it was just the start of old age, physiotherapy and exercise didn't solve the problem, so the chiropractor said there was a problem where the ribs meet the spine, poor posture and problems with hip alignment, basically 37 years of untreated wear and tear, and still trying to keep fit too, and because of this I was over compensating and putting stress on other joints, it was a bigger mess than I thought, so he identified the problem then gave me treatment, really heavy massage on specific areas, had to do specific exercises, went every week for about two month, then he told me I had to improve and maintain my core strength, so this is why is started body balance, I was a new man in no time, felt fitter, no aches anymore, felt great, I still go to see him now and again, and he sorts things out,
there's a practice in Mangaf but i'm sure there'll be many more around...oh and beware......aint cheap like!

Good Luck

so, king Monkey. Ok you look like a Ken to me, how are you liking Mangaf. I sure hope your not in any of the FM buildings and you managed a beach front pad. The only thing i like is the Miral centre on the beach. I was there yesterday with the wife and kids. Sat in Costa coffee for a few hours relaxing after work. May head there tonight.

yeah it's ok there, but I could still murder a pint in this weather, as apposed to a coffee (far too sensible for my liking)!

Ken as in Ken & Barbie,
Ken as in Ken Barlow!


King Monkey, looks like we are in the same business. Who you working with. I am with WorleyParsons. Been with them since November last year. Before that I was an EPC contractor and this is my first venture as PMC. Having had a close working relationship with PMC in the past i at least had an expectation of what to expect.
Hard going at times though depending on the contractor.
We should meat for a coffee one afternoon.

Hey could you please give the details of the Chiropractor in Mangaf? I live in Mahboula so its close enough. Also any info about the working hours for the Yoga classes in Hilton or any other Yoga classes in the area? Thanks for the info.

hello ; i'm also interested in joining yoga classes.  I live in salmiya .thanks

Hello welcome to Kuwait.
There are several  Ladies  Yoga Instructors in Salmiya.
Will get you the contacts details very soon.

Hello Sir,
How are you? You can go Inspire pure fitness in SAHARA KUWAIT GOLF can search in Google if you don't know the location. Thanks


If you girls are interested in yoga classes in Salmiya then come to Fitness First Salam mall, they have the basic yoga classes such as gentle/power/ashtanga, put the good part is that they launched swing/aerial yoga last month & I've been addicted to it! You can get a day pass (8 KD) if you wanna try the place first or if you wanna practice yoga occasionally.

If you don't mind the distance, I also recommend Circuit+ Yoga, a new place opened a week ago just for yoga/pilates/barre.

Yoga classes for ladies
Yoga for weight loss.
health issues like diabetes. High BP etc

This is Lakshmi from mahboula.
I am a yoga trainer.
I take yoga classes Sunday to Thursday

Greetings Lakshmi....... is possible to give out your remuneration per class. Thanks in advance.

Hi Lakshmi,

Please could you let me know where your lessons are held and how much they are?
Thanks, Kate

Hello Kate
I take classes in mahboula
Classes frm sunday to Thursday. .
Morn 8 am to 9 .15 am
Evening 6 to 7pm
Thank u

Yes ...It can be done...
Per class payment is possible. .☺

Great, I'm interested in a morning lesson. What is the address in Maboula? Are they group or private lesson and how much are they? What are the level of classes to know which group I should go in!Thanks Kate

U can join morning batch..
It's a group class. .
It's funn doing yoga in a group. ..
Plz give ur no. ..I vl WhatsApp to u the address.
Thank u


Flare Fitness offers Yoga classes in the women's branch, I don't know about the male branch. 
There is also a Yoga Studio called Yogi Kuwait in Al-Tilal Complex.
Al-Corniche club has a mixed gym they might offer Yoga classes, not sure.

Good luck.

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