living in taizhou, jiangsu 2015


i am going to taizhou in august 2015

i am curious to know about accommodation ?
my wife and i will stay there for 2-3 years and looking for good apartment

hope to here from someone

Hello andreasfbook and welcome to,

I invite you to publish an ad in the Housing in Jiangsu so that you get offers for accomodation.

Thank you,


While I don't know much about the accomodation here (since I live in hotel), you can anything else about the city. Especially Jiaojiang area :)


where in taizhou city do you eat?  we are temporarily staying near wanda plaza..

just recently arrived and still not strayed too far from our hotel area.

have you been in taizhou long time ?

andreas & mia

Do you both still live in taizhou? I'm currently living here and know quite a bit of other foreigner expats

Hi all,
I'm living in Taixing and planning on spending some time in Taizhou. Any recommendations for food, drinks, expat areas?

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