Life in SONGJIANG, Shanghai

Hi! Is there anyone living in Songjiang?

Hello Laura Foti and welcome to,

I've moved your thread on the Shanghai forum.

That will make it more visible and easier for interactions.

Are you planning to move to Songjiang or are you already there ?


Hi Laura, I just saw your post here. My name is Jon, I've been living here in Songjiang for only a few weeks and enjoying it so far. I want to meet new people in town and it would be nice to meet up. A few other teachers from the University we are working at have also just moved here so I can bring them along as well. let me know if you are still in town and would like to meet up. Have a nice day, Jon.

Hi.  I am living in Songjiang district shanghai.   I am also looking for new friends.   I have a 11 month old baby and would love to meet new mothers ;)

Please contact me if someone is interested.

Hello Everyone,
I am Dr. Zwirble D.C.  I am an American and I will be working in Song Jiang as a Chiropractor.  Once I arrive I will also have a health website for those who are interested.  If you need me, I am at your service.

Hi All,

I am organizing a pool tournament every wednesday - 8pm at iDrink Bar in Songjiang.

If you are interested, please let me know.


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I'm living at pudong , but during weekends I will visit there .

i used to have an aptmt there , its quite a nice place to stay in on the outskirts of Shanghai, try to stay near the subway station if u can .

Do you live closer to line 9, 12, or 1 ... or another one?

I live in XinZhuang which is near enough to SongJiang,

Songjiang is quite out there but does have some Western places.

I have lived in Songjiang on and off for seven years.  My wife and I currently live here with our one-year-old son.  My work is up in the city now, so it has been difficult to find new friends with whom we can meet up.  Most of the people that I knew from my previous job have moved back to their home countries.  If anybody wants to get together for some games or activities (especially couples/families) send me a message.

Hi Laura, I just saw your post here. My name is kim, I want to meet new people  and  let me know if you are still in town and would like to meet up.  good lucky, kim

kim671019 :

Hi Laura, I just saw your post here. My name is kim, I want to meet new people  and  let me know if you are still in town and would like to meet up.  good lucky, kim

Hello :cheers:

For info, Laura has been inactive since her post here last year. You may not get any response from her.

If you wish to meet people around, I invite you to subscribe to the Networking in Shanghai section to be notified whenever members seek meet up around.

Also, an in depth presentation on yourself is always a good way to start making friends ;)


nice to meet you in shangahi and drink coffee  :)

thanks a lot

Hello Doctor Zwirble

I was browsing google for information on songjiang and saw that you replied to an ld post back in 2016. Are you still located in songjiang and working as a chiropractor? I’m planning to move to songjiang next week.


hi i do :) are you still there?

Hi All! This is Benny here from Singapore, I just move to Shanghai, Songjiang for 2 months. Would love to meet up with you guys :)

hi this is alex zhang, i live in Sijing Songjiang, and work in city center. besides my work time ,i a like to meet foreign friends from all over the world. i have a car. which we can drive to nearby cities together and have fun. any topic can chat with me. i am happy to listen and share my stories. PM me.

Hey guys, we're new in Songjiang too. Moved here 2 weeks ago, we have a 6 year old daughter too. Would love to meet with expats sometimes, my daughter is fluent in Chinese and English, and we're homeschooling her. She'd like to make some friends too. Give me a shout whenever you have time, we'll have coffee or something. Cheers :)


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Hello guys,
I'm living in Songjiang too...
Nice to meet you.

Hi everyone! I just moved to Songjiang, myself. Anyone know where there's some local music? I want to be able to see both traditional music and experimental music, but being this far out of the city centre makes it hard to do so with the trains shutting so early. Any place local to catch some live music? Thanks!

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