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i m deepa gupta come from india and living in jakarta along with my husband. I m going to start vegitarian indian food tiffin service . I can make a very good indian food. If any person want the tiffen service plz mail me

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You still use the word, Tiffin". I'm amazed.

You shouldn't really put personal contact details on open forum, but you can pop an advert in the classified at the top of this page.
There isn't really a section for food, so I'll contact the site's owners, asking if that valuable section could be added.
Many expats look for food from their home countries, so I believe it would be a valuable addition to the classifieds.

Thank you so much for the advice... now i never write my contanct detail on opane forum.. can you pls tell me how to go in edit to remove my detail from  the post

I'll get it done for you.

I've also asked the owners about the food section in classifieds. I 'know they're extremely busy with other matters at the moment, but I believe it's worth adding.

I should have added - I hope your venture works well for you.

Thank you.... how i get order for the tiffen service

Try the classified section.
let me know when you've posted the advert.
which area of Jakarta are you in?

I've never looked here before, but it might me a fit for you. … -services/

Hi. Interested. . Kazim

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Namaste That sounds great . . . I like to make my own samosas. . . where can you find garam masala in Jakarta? I have my own tiffin box ..  .

You can visit Suntur or Taman Rasuna...many Indian groceries shop out there..

Hi Deepa

Just wanted to know if the tiffin service for Indian Food is still on?

Thanks & Regards

Oh goodness, I just got back from Malaysia on Sunday and had some fabulous Indian food. Only problem is I can't find a decent Indian restaurant in Bandung.....!

By the way, what are the best Northern Indian restaurants in Jakarta?

Should you happen to run/work at/know of an Indian restaurant in the Jakarta/Tangerang area, feel free to PM me with details of the place.

Please note - cut and paste PMs to many users will get your PM service blocked, so don't tell everyone that way, just use classifieds as linked in a post above.

But if it will get you into trouble to pm me then nevermind. I can ask on other expat sites.

Thanks anyway.


Hi there are a number of indian restos in Jakarta. By my last count 30. **

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all are pricey here..

if anyone looking for indian food on weekends, join with me. we will cook and eat :)

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