Moving to Paris in September

Hi all!

So i am moving to Paris in September for work.
I am a single 34 years old looking to hear about people with similar experiences, as well as meet some new potential friends  :)

I will be in Paris for a short visit in August, so could be cool to meet some of you already then.

Thank you and see you there!  :top:

Hello !
Welcome in paris !
I am in Paris for 4 years, i know how difficult it is when you don't know anybody.
Don't hésitate if you have question
Best regards

Hi Severine!

Thank you for your message? Where are you originally from?

I actually do have a question. I am starting to search for apartments and i was wondering which areas were the safest? That is one of my top priorities.
Maybe you can help with that?



Wondered if anyone posted a reply to your query two months ago

As far as I can tell none did.  You probably already found an apt
but in case anyone else needs it

here is one answer

The biggest Jewish Neighborhood --I think-- is le Marais

the third arrondissement

it is also full of hip shops and great cafes

But I happen to like the Tenth --it is near the water.

The 9th is very good and near to the Opera

and of course who does not love the 7th where you can see the tour eiffel every day?

But a lot of people find more space for their Euro out in the 17th or the 20th.

My opinion is that there is no bad neighborhood in Paris.  I feel very safe everywhere I went

and felt no need to look over my shoulder as one does in New York or LA.

So I think you will be safe in any of the arrondisements in the city.

I have actually walked through much of the city.

and you just don't have the fear element like you do in American cities

if that is any comfort at all.

The Fifth is the Latin Quartier and so very fun.  but it could be a bit too much sometimes.

Take a walk and see how you feel.

Be sure to say Bonjour even if you cannot carry on a conversation.

It is what they don't say --the non verbal often tells you what you most need to know.

I hope you have a wondrous time.

How envious many people will be of your good fortune to be able to stay two months in the City of Light.

Hi Laura!

How are you? I am new to this group and I happened to come across your post about moving to Paris. I am planning on moving in January. How did you get on with job hunting and accommodation? Did you find it hard to get yourself set up?

Many thanks,


Hi Laura,
Welcome to Paris !
I leave Paris in december to move in Canada and I sell/give a lot of stuffs and fournitures if you need anything.
Let me know ;-)

Thats great but sadly im in paris im in morocco

Hi Laura, have a good trip, I hope it goes well. The previous times when I was in Paris I was looking for people who would go with me or would agree to walk together in the city, but unfortunately, I did not succeed, I advise you to be cautious and double-check those with whom you plan to travel. At least I found a service with the help of which I received tickets at very favorable prices if anyone is interested quite a convenient way to order tickets online without leaving home, good luck.

Hi am moving to Paris with my wife. I don't know the procedures to have a room for long term purpose. Any help??

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