HMC Visa process Time

Hello Sky,

No updates as such....I am sure the freeze is still not lifted except for Locals. So nothing to share as of now.


any updates about hmc hiring any body has information

I got e mail yesterday to ask if I'm interested to continue recruitment process to join HMC  in the  4th quarter of 2016

hello  Youseff,
Congrates!!! wishing you good luck. I would like to know for which post you was selected in HMC.

any body else got e mail from hmc. If so kindly  share it.

its meaning hmc restarts the hiring process..

Yes HMC has started recruiting again.  Jerry Vergeese is the consultant. You can Contact Samil and/or Shaiju at the following email ids. Samil[at] and shaiju[at] However please make note that this is for India only since the interviews may happen in India only. This is just on the basis ofmy understanding,  you can still contact then and confirm with them.


thanks kashif for giving us these usefull informations..

hello Kashif,

really sounds good,what about selected through ibm last year. Any idea Kashif.

Really sorry but I have no idea about it. You might want to contact HMC.

I got an offer with HMC  via my ibm recruiter 6 months ago after passing their  interviews, exams and provided the copies of my credentials but havent received any contract or job offer to sign yet.
A month ago finally received an email that they are now on process on moving forward with me having on board on the 3rd quarter of this year 2016. I replied that i am still interested, that was 1 month ago no more news since then.
Whats next with me? Am i still on sqaure 1? Since i havent signed anything yet... I am contacting my point of contact but he never replies! How long does it takes? Thanks

Same with me. After replying no more mails


No one is working until 11th July.  After returning to office on 12th, ppl will only focus on the top priorities. I suggest you guys drop a note by 17th or 18th July and In Shaa Allah they will respond.


Thanks for the info... Inshallah we an hear good news after ramadan!

any body else got contact or e mail from hmc. If so kindly  share it.

Hi sir any news with hmc? Im confused now. I ended my contract last May 2016 where im curently working but still  working for 3 months as out of contract employee since i dont want to sign yet for im waiting for the reply if hmc. If they could only give dates or how long it would take for them to process i could decide if i willsign a new contract or to sign an extention comtract only. If i will sign a 2 yr contract there would be penalties for me to pay before leaving my current job. If i will only extend while waiting for hmc all my benefits are gone like feee tickets, paid vacations all gone. If only hmc could realize this things we endure while waiting for their replies! Please help

you hav to sign your contract its better for you hiring process of hmc is very lengthy

hy guys ,,,there is any update about hmc hiring process please share..

Nothing.. for Our Process

but HMC posted more than 400 new vacancies on their website

I have done my interview on august 2015, signed my job offer on october 25 2015, I have been contacted by HMC on June 12 2016, after that no response in spite of several emails.

kashif azizi please give us any update when hmc starts issue visa process

Hello All,

I was contacted by a recruitment agent that was hired by HMC to outsource i underwent an interview in january, I didn't here from them till Aug 3 2016 asking me if i am available to work as they will be deploying in December 2016 – March 2017, I was told i will undergo another interview by the HMC board and i was told that i will be asked to provide some documents as they will be requesting for them before the interview but i am not aware of which documents expect my academic documents which i already gave in january.

So i am waiting but i was advised in my first interview to stay on my job as the process of recruiting is lengthy.


Greetings for the Day!

Hope everyone is fine...

I am at on boarding stage, I got my offer letter from HMC through IBM Consultancy in August 2015, Since that time i am waiting for my further process, recently HMC Posted many new vacancies at their website including mine position also. so is it worth full to wait more?

Since a year it is like someone harassing me, i am unable to plan anything during this time. i am regularly trying to contact through email addresses provided by IBM, but never ever i received any reply from HMC, I don't understand there working attitude, i think they don't care anyone?

It is there social responsibility to at least inform that they are not further processing our applications, if they don't want employees, why they keep on posting new recruitment notifications? why they distribute offer letters like gift hampers? why they arise a hope in peoples mind? in reality they are just playing with emotions of people who wants to work for them?

I think i am fool that i waste my time, money, production, skills, etc for them.

Bye Bye....

sorry for hearing this...after offer letter you did not recive any email from hmc or hr department..?

Hi people of Earth,

I got my offer letter from HMC and they're expecting me in December
2016. They haven't say if offer continues open in 2017 if for some reason I can't move in December. Any thoughts?

Does anyone now how long it takes to get the VISA? I'm now dealing with all process on Prometric Test, DataFlow and Qatar Registration. Aren't they too optimistic in getting me there by December? Any thoughts?


Hi there, i also received an email regarding on boarding. I finished my prometric already so since i already been previously verified by the saudi dataflow before i am now on transfering my data from my saudi to qatar. The difference is that they  did not gave me a specific date when am i expecting to be joining them. As of now they told me that im on visa processing and was advice not to resign yet from my current job! Inshallah it will not take till december 2017 that is way too long! Same question here...hiw long thus this visa processing will take us!  Regard all for the best!

Great news...
Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has announced the launch of the biggest recruitment drive in the organization’s history to meet the need for specialized clinical and non-clinical staff to work in the new hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are due to open in 2016/17 in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City.   
HMC currently has a total of 2690 vacancies, and the drive is expected to fill all these vacancies by the end of this year.
The unprecedented recruitment drive is the result of a collaboration between HMC and the Ministry of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs and will support HMC in meeting its workforce needs by recruiting a large number of staff into medical, nursing and allied healthcare roles.
Clinical roles are available to both Qatari and non-Qatari nationals, while administrative posts are available to Qatari nationals only and will be filled in coordination with the Ministry of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs.   
Those interested in submitting an application for any vacant positions or are interested in a career with HMC can apply directly through our website: … fault.aspx   
Qatari nationals who are interested in applying for the administrative posts can apply through the Ministry of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs. HMC will be coordinating with the ministry to process these applications.

hai shozon its very happy to hear that hmc is restarted the recruitment process. Do you have any idea of those, who already got the offer letter on 2015.

Hello hasmin_agcaoili,

The normal Visa processing time is one week. However when they say you are on Visa processing that means all other recruitment steps are completed for you and now it's the Visa processing step. To my understanding they do not apply each individual's Visa as it comeS, they will complete a number of other candidates and then apply for all their Visa at one go.

Total time from they day you were interviewed to the day you join HMC, all depends on the urgency and currently they urgently need a huge number of people before December 2016. my case, it took me 8 months from the day I was interviewed to the day I joined HMC. However because of current urgency  you may not have to wait that long however you will have to be patient while the recruitment process completes.

You can always check yourself if they have applied for your visa and the status of the same on the MOI site (link given below). punch in your passport number and nationality, it show you the status the visa status if at all HMC have applied for your Visa. … ndprinting


Helo there!
Thanks so much for all the infos,  as of now all are finalized! I will be joining them on january 25,2017! I already have a visa, data flow on process for transfering! All i need to do now is to resign from my current work ( 3 months notice) Looking forward to see you all in Qatar!

Hi, did you negotiate the time to start? They told me I should join them by Dec by I also have 3months leave to give to my current job.

Yes in a way. They need me dec 10 but i ask them if it is possible for feb 2017 but they say my visa will be expiring then.  So i agreed for january. I will be still paying 1 month penalty in my current job since i will be resigning, but just let it be!

All the best...we hope that they will do the processing of our jobs too

Hello All,

Any news from anyone?? There is a lot happening here, lot of interviews on Skype and in person. I was told that they are currently looking for residents and if they won't get any then they will contact the people who are living abroad, who have already applied. I would advise each one of you to apply online @ and also convey this to your friends so that everyone can benefit from it. Hamad is a very good organization and it's one of the few pay masters in Qatar.

Those who have applied, don't sit back and wait, keep chasing if you can.

Regards to all,

hey kashif,,,
what about those who already got offer Latter and waiting for visa confirmation????


When did you got one?? If you have an offer already then and you got it recently then you might be asked to travel before December 1st week. If this is from last year then you might want to chase them up on a daily basis and try to get a word.


Hi Kashif

I have not had any response from my new point of contact as you can imagine since last Jan 16 therefore I have recently re-applied online to the posts that have been advertised again. Not had any response as yet apart from showing 'Active application' on on the online portal so not sure what else I can do? Don't know if you can suggest anything in how i can get in contact with them? I have my sister who lives in Qatar was wondering if it would be a good idea to get her to drop off my CV or speak to HR?

Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks

hy there,,any body else got e mail from hmc. If so kindly  share it.

Hello sky-1
if you have a sister in Qatar, let her go to Barwa towers hr office and make a follow up, what's I understand is ,they are taking people in batches,the first lot are joining this December, the second probably early next year,so let her go there give out your details,what you got an offer of,the she will be advised accordingly

Thanks for the advise will do that.


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