HMC Visa process Time

I have selected for HMC in 2015 drive .i got a offer letter and done medical & Qatar Attestation.

how much time it will take to get a  visa ..

You may contact HMC HR department, they are right person who can assist you Contact no# **

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Dear Mr Irfan
Can you give me your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ and i wud like to contact you as i am also on the same boat,

Did u complete your credentialing & Verification

Anyone please do provide me HMC Emigration Dept phone number so that i can reach them to know the status of my application

Hi ,

i have not done my verification , had u done.

i have not completed  credentialing & Verification .. i am waiting for VISA

which is the right time to call you or else can u provide me ur /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\

Irfan you will receive your  visa only after credentials verification.  HMC Credentialing dept will contact you(mostly via email) and take the verification forward. I have gone through the verification recently and Alhumdulillah recevied my visa. I would be travelling soon.

After  credentials much time did it took for  you to get visa.

I guess within a week's time.

For me more than a month still no response

which place u belong to in india

I am from Hyderabad. You can access the elow link and check if hmc have applied for a visa for you.  It's the Ministry of Interior website.

Do HMC have Office Uniform, I heard one of my friend saying even for IT they have, sounds strange

For IT department No Dress Code.

risingflight :

Do HMC have Office Uniform, I heard one of my friend saying even for IT they have, sounds strange

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Hi, I just want to ask if for transfering a visa from family visit visa to a working visa in hamad how long it will take presently i done all the requirement that request of my agency which is IBM face to face interview in Hamad done prometric exam done dataflow done i submitted also my NOC from my husband as i am entering qatar by the use of family visit visa and police clearance also done duly stamped by Ministry of foreign affairs qatar. I just want to know only how long it will take to issued my visa as when i speak to the agency who is doing all my documents they inform me to wait till my visa issued by immigration.

can anyone tell me what is the best way to do to get a clear information or even if i can contact any in hmc if what is the status?.. thank you for your opinion.

i have comlete my HMC interview via skyp last oct 25 th2015. last 29 th i have informed by IBM as i am selected for the position. but untill now i am waiting for my cratintial verification. can you pleaselet me know around how many days will take this process
thank you in advance


I have submitted all the attested copies of certificates and the medical report to IBM Onbaording Team.  Recently I received a mail saying that the process is handed over to one of the employee from HMC who will be assisting me with the onboarding/visa/ relocation to Qatar.

Every week I send a mail asking them about the status. Their reply is unclear as to whether the visa process has started or not.

The person at IBM said that credentialing is over and we will start the visa process.

Is there any way my means of which I can track what is happening at their end?


normally they should send you an Offer letter and once you accept that, you will then receive an email for verification authorization from the credentially department. So wait for the offer and you will get to know from the HR team as to what's next. you can always contact the consultant you got hired through(if any) if not then talk to the HR Recruitment at HMC and they should help.




I'd got selected in HMC and Visa under process. What is the ETA for the Visa approval.


Any response would be great help.


In which batch you attended the interview..By Jan 2015 in bangalore or any other location.

For me , credentialing or verification has not happened but gor update HMC that Visa is in process. How much time it wll take.


I got recruited through IBM(Skype Interview). The whole process started during September 2015. I signed the offer letter and sent them all the required attested documents. Along with the offer letter, there was authorization letter also, which I had signed and given it to them. It is almost 1 month now.

On contacting the guy from IBM, he said that my immediate point of contact has changed and the new guy is from HMC. I dropped a mail to this new person and there has been no reply .



You have to be more patient...They will take their own time to process...I given the Interview in Jan and now only visa was applied.

Being patient without knowing what is happening is frustrating

In an ideal situation it's just 5 working days max. And for Hamad, mostly they would not reject one. You can check the status of your Visa application on the URL given below. type in your passport number and select your nationality. If your Visa has been applied then you will definitely see some status update.

Thank you Kashifaziz11!

getting the following error "Sorry, Requested Visa Not Found..... Please try again"

So it seems that the application has not been forwarded yet.

Please follow up with the HMC HR DEPARTMENT no# 0097444395777/ email: contactus[at]

rodrigo4 :

Thank you Kashifaziz11!

getting the following error "Sorry, Requested Visa Not Found..... Please try again"

So it seems that the application has not been forwarded yet.

Thank you Wilson!

I have sent a mail to them. I hope they reply.

But please note that Visa processing will only start once your verification is completed. HMC Credentially will verify your education qualifications and work experience (normally it's the work experience of last 6years, donno what would it be in your case).

hi rodrigo,

did you got reply from them. i am also waiting for there reply

No reply yet Abdul.

also me waiting waiting wating .....

I got a reply from contactus[at] today.

They have mentioned that the recruitment team will get back in due course!

As I mentioned earlier that HR department will surely reply :)


i god an e mail from  recruitment team from HMC. they saying " on bording team will come back to you shortly" do you have any idea about this.

Hi everyone,

I am a nurse here in KSA, got hired by IBM, I was shocked when I checked my VIsa status in MOI Qatar it was already issued since November 4, 2015 and will expired on May 2, 2016, my agent did not informed me, and that time my data flow just got started. They send me an email regarding my new point of contact from HAMAD HR, but not responding for more than 2 weeks.

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