Open a music lovers club, singers or guitar players, etc let's rock

Yes of course. Address is 192 tran nao street d2. Welcome to our group. Hope to see u soon on this thursday

Oh I'm still not familiar in district 2, i only know Cantaville near Big C and Metro supermarket.

At 176 Tran Nao Street. It's called Armuli, a music center. We go to there every Thursdays to jam and play common songs. It'll be nice if you join. 😀

The center is near at Petrolimex in Tran Nao St.

Can you give me ur facebook account. I can add you to our group

Hey guys,
   Next Thursday, we will have another jamming sessions again at Thanh's place at around 7 pm. You are most welcome to join us and we are very eager to invite you! The place is called Armuli at 176 Tran Nao St., District 2, HCMC. See you there!

I do not play instrument but I just love to sing
can I be part of the group , just to chill down on week ends
and to make new friends ...

happy new year

Hello everyone
I am temporarily staying in d 3 near saigon star hotel and there are loads if music cafes around here. Yoko cafe for one has ooen.mike nights on Tuesday nights with participants if various levels if.musicianship. I play in a few places around here. I have done similar stuff in Ireland and spain. The viet musicians are generally excellent b t w.
I also play most days in the nearby park and have a great time with the locals.
Go for it. Practice makes perfect. the you need tips as I am due to head back to europe soon.

Good luck


Hi u can join out group in every thursday in d2

Hi everyone,

I am new here and been looking for mates to play music with, just for fun. Can i join in your group? Please add me on facebook: Nhan Do. Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day

Sorry, I realize this is the Saigon section, but am wondering:
Any musicians/creative people in Vung Tau ?
I used to sing lead in a rock band.
It's been many years,and I'm 55 now, but I still have the urge to be creative.
Also would like to meet artists, writers, musicians. PM me.

Try Yoko cafe in D3 for musicians night on Wednesdays. Open.mic night and nice people.

Good luck


District 3 is the place for genuine live music. Check it out

Chào em Liên,
Good luck with your club

Hi everyone! We are meeting tomorrow, 8:30 pm at Nguyen Hue, D1 in front of Broma. We invite you to join us! You can decide whether or not to bring your instrument. See you there!


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Hi. I'm Richard I teach different musical instruments for both young and adult learners. I have been teaching instruments for 3 years now including my music entertainer and freelance. If you are interested to study with me please feel free to contact me or send a message here ***

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Hi Mia,

I am Des from OZ, I will coming to Saigon in September, I am thinking of forming a band, when does your group meet again, I am singer and play some rhythm guitar, also a dancer

Let the music flow.....................D

Hi Des
Some member in our group are very busy these days. So if you have time we can hang out sometime n make a plan for practising music

Thanks Angelina,

I will be in Saigon on 1st  September, any time suitable will be good, I usually practice my  voice in singing bars as well , with dancing, I live in Quan 12.    My place is welcome too for practice if needed, keep in landline phone in Saigon is xxx

Keep in touch.................Des

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Dear Des

That's sound great. It will be more convenience if u give me mobile phone number. Do u have it?

Hi Angelina,

Nice to hear from you once again, I will get a local mobile phone number when I arrive in Saigon on the 1st September.

Take care.................Des

Ok. Hope to see you soon

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and have only been in Vietnam two months but I wondered if I could get involved with this too? I went to Yoko at the weekend and fell in love with the place! Is there a Facebook group I could join or something? I don't play an instrument sadly, I just love to sing!

Kind regards,


Hello, just found out about the group and I'm very excited to join. I can sing in English and Vietnamese as well as play some guitar, would love to have some practicing and performing together with new friends. How can i join?

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