Hello everyone, i know that some of you here play dota 2. lets make a team and play together so that we have the same time zone. ^_^ i don't care what nationality or race you came from, unless you can play a good game :) i am an asian player.. and i play dota from the very beginning DOTA 1 -  year 2003 until it became dota 2.

add me on steam, trymee02

dude what internet ur using?

Hey man I play Dota as well email if you want to play ++++

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hey! im using STC Fiber Optic in my house, with 20Mbps
there is no LAG and its is really fast in-game action!

where to buy computer good for dota 2?

justjas11 :

where to buy computer good for dota 2?

Dota is super low demanding game, any entry level system will do. Something paired with a GTX 1050 will do the job fine

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