Lonely south African looking for english speaking friends

Hallo im 31 years old and im looking for English speaking friends. Im currently living in Frankfurt.

hello i am khushi i am also looking for a english speaking friends i stay in frankfurt my phone no - ********* if any one wants to talk i am thankfull to it   i am indian and from last 2 months from italy i come here for a job and till seaching a job

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Hi Angy, there are ca. 30 South Africans living in and around Frankfurt, registered from this blog.  A great number with families. It's likely that there might be some 3-4 families that shares similar interests, (if you have a family).

Or, if 11 o'clock tea, fig sandwiches, strawberry scones, rotary club is something to heart - you can dive in directly and visit the English club http://englishclubmainzwiesbaden.webs.com/. The site is branded heavily with two flags only and "British born" is expressly mentioned in a few blogs in different contexts - nonetheless a stray barbeque or two is visible with a very noticeable life size US flag pridefully displayed in most pictures. Wiesbaden has a great flair and accommodated a number of expats for such a long time, that the mere number of influencial foreign owned property saved it from all bombing raids 70 years ago.

Alternatively, Frankfurt garners an English Social Club called Pickwicks already since 1976. An active program planning takes precedence and effort is made to accommodate a wide range of cultures and activities. ...Frankfurt has a Rugby club dating back to 1880 (SC Frankfurt 1880), and cricket club is also played regularly.

..."Hometown blues" is quite usual after the 6 month tourist honeymoon is over.

We've met au-pairs who were relieved to just speak mother-tongue, voicing uncertainties, chatting with general questions - like finding a replacement for seemingly non-existent self-raising flour or simply lash out frustration. That's normal.

We don't know your reasons for leaving- free will , ambivalence, necessity. Latter two definitely are a suboptimal start.

If you are in that "post-6 months" stage -Avoid "cocooning" : i.e. avoid only meeting one type of nationality, or other "closed groups" - now is the time to finally meet people of diverse backgrounds. Suggest you invite the people directly in the forum - and maybe avoid a generic message like the one above since it might attract an unpredictable wide range of intentions.

Hi, are you still about? I need someone to watch the rugby with!!


Hi chris, on wich tv-channel i can see the rugby worldcup!
Greetz, ARTi

I gave a run-down on RWC 2015, here: http://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=525408

I'm Lolo from Limpopo living in Heidelberg an hour away from Frankfurt are you still looking for friends?cos I'm interested

Hi Lolo,
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