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I have $15,000 and i want open a business in Pattaya. believe you can i do ? and what business can i open ?

Get a BBQ & start selling Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Great business, low overhead .  Good Luck.

thailand4me :

Get a BBQ & start selling Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Great business, low overhead .  Good Luck.

Thank you dear for reply.
Also i have rent a shop and also i must get 4 Thai People work for me ? i dont know about Rules .

Hi, for a foreigner who does business need a company and with the company, you can apply for work permit. The company must have paid up capital of 2 million and 4 staff for 1 work permit.

Not all business can be done by foreigners as Thai law protect certain trade. You have to decide the company's shares and if the company is fully own by foreigners, there are laws that forbid foreigners to buy. Details can
be known from lawyers or ministry of
$15,000 can start up small wholesale
business and work from home. With this
concept you don't have high monthly
operating cost.
But if you rent shop or office, initially
start up cost is high and there is fixed
monthly operating expenses.
In business, ROI; monthly operating
cost; products shelf life are very
I can check with an ex Iranian
businessman who is a German based in
Chonburi if he's willingly to talk to you.
Both of you can speak Farsi together.
He has a factory and business in
Thailand for years.
There are Iranians buying products here
and export back home which is a better
business. Likewise for some Africans
Foodstuff; kids clothes; mosquito nets
etc are some of the products being
exported from here. Import products are
dried fruits, nuts etc
You have great caviar and pistachio

A word of advice and think about it. If a business is good and make money, would the businessman say in a public blog or forum?

He will keep it secret as he will not want competition. Take care and all the best

Do you have to start a company in Thailand to open a fast food joint?  Anyone knows?


If you are working then you need a work permit, which tie to a company. If you are just investing your money while the locals work, then you are a shareholder or sleeping partner. This comes back again to have s company for partnership.
All foreigners need work permit to work and no way out.

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I have many years over here, a lot of experience. Save your money or you will lose that quickly!

why i loss money qiuckly?

To many lose, to much competition!

You Will loose your money. 15000 € not enough. When You get 50000 € , There Is something to do but NOT in Pattaya !

If your thinking of opening a business in Thailand; you have to have at lease 2,000,000 THB (60,000 USD) in the bank. The 2,000,000 THB must stay in the back and can not be part of the operating funds. You must hire at lease 4-Thai people before you can apply for a work permit. Once business is established; and you have a business license, it will still take 4 months or more to get your work permit. In the meant time; you can not be active with your business until you get the work permit. This means your Thai employees will be running the business with out you.

The only way you can open a business with little cash it to marry a Thai girl and have business in her name.

Good luck.


Here some options

make a plan
if you are selling something work out how many items you need to sell to pay for the rent of the building, staff, social security, electricity, water, and your living costs as well. Plus high and low season. Plus initial out lay of costs for equipment and furniture, computers and so on. Plus costs for initial work permit and other costs for immigration, labour depart, DBD, etc.

Plan to not make any money for 12 months -if you last then you are one of the 5% that does. If you last another year you will be one of the 2% that lasts.

On top of this you have accounts to pay. Each year you need to renew your visa, work permit, show you face every 90 days to immigration.

Pay tax when you reach the yearly 1.8 to 2 million baht income.

The hardest part is getting staff and getting them to work.

A lot will go out the first year.

Somewhere in this you will need a law company as you do not read, speak Thai.

Thank you :heart:

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