sewing classes in Al khobar

AsSalam Alaikum

Does anybody know sewing classes in al khobar?  suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you! 😊😊☺️

Hello !

I know of a sewing studio in Khobar that hire and train people all the time. Do let me know if your interested, i'll get you in contact with them.


i don't have any idea about sewing and i want to learn. so if it's a class i am so interested. yes please,  can you help me?  thanks a lot. email me at ++++ :)

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message me ur details little lulu

assalam amulikm sister i am looking for sewing class in al khobar if know any sewing classes in al khobar plz inform me plz

jazakallah khairan

Hi kygwdhbhd89,

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This thread being relatively old, i suggest you drop an advert in the Classes in Khobar section of the classifieds. Subscribed members will be notified of your search.

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Hi all,
I am as well interested in learning how to sow. Please contact me if you teach how to use a sewing machine.

Thank you

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