Prince Sultan University - job offer

I have been offered a teaching position (English) at Prince Sultan University. Are they legitimate? Are they trustworthy? Is it a good place to work? Can I negotiate up the salary? All advice welcome.

of course prince sultan is legitimate. - we don't know what your qualifications are nor your offer so can't comment on if its a good offer.

I have M.Ed in TESOL/Linguistics plus 8 years teaching. The offer is for 230,000 Saudi Riyal plus housing. It sounds good. So I want to know if the school is reliable, that they'll keep their promises. I believe it is, but I want to hear from others who know.

I live walking distance to PSU , if you are interested in any information . I can help you out . let me know :)

As per my knowledge , Prince Sultan University is reliable , trustworthy and good place place to work, and regarding promises, that depends on contract terms and conditions you will agree with them.

You must know each point specifically in the contract before signing  , so you can claim your rights later in case of dispute.

best of luck

Saeed Ahmed

I too have accepted a position with Prince Sultan for this August and so far I've heard pretty positive things about the university. Your package sounds great btw, Joe - at least it's more than I've been offered (but then I do have less experience than you). Is anybody on this forum currently working there or worked there recently?

A couple of questions:

1. Medical check: we will be required to have any medical exams or inoculations prior to arriving?

2. Finger printing: I have heard some people are required to be officially finger-printed in the US before receiving a visa, and required to submit documentation to that effect. Is that necessary for us?

3. Are there any other things we need to know about regarding obtaining visas? How long will it take for visas to be issued? Will we receive them before departure, or will we receive them upon arrival in KSA?

1. Certainly. As far as I know, embassies of the KSA require a thorough medical check before issuing a Work Visa. In the UK, there are many companies that can expedite the service but if you're from the USA I've heard that the process is a little more complicated. Also, a second medical check is required upon arrival in the KSA for issuance of the Iqama resident permit. As for inoculations, if you're a regular traveller you will already have everything you need. Otherwise, I imagine it's just your standard Hep A, Typhoid, Tetanus/Diptheria/Polio vaccinations - unless you've come from a country with Yellow Fever, and then you'll need to bring a certificate of vaccination for that with you too.

2. I don't know about finger printing, but I wouldn't be surprised at all. My American friends had to have their fingerprints taken to obtain a federal criminal records check for work abroad. However, at least for British people, such a check is surprisingly unnecessary for KSA visa issuance, probably because of the fact that universities avoid working with minors.

3. Again, if you're American, I don't know the intricacies of the application but I would advise you to ask PSU to put you in contact with an American currently working there for details. For my wife and me, the visa process requires attestation of our qualifications by the Saudi Cultural Bureau before taking all required documentation to a visa expediting service in London who perform and apostille our medicals and then send them with our application to the embassy. Their turn around time is around 1 week, but I've heard that things are more convoluted in the USA.

I am now waiting for SACM to authenticate my diplomas. They accepted my Oberlin BA, but rejected my Alliant International University MA TESOL. They didn’t even open the envelops… just wrote something illegible on one of them and sent it back. WTH? I lost three weeks of prep time to this. Now I’ve sent them my U Chicago MA (not TESOL) and another set of of AIU papers. Waiting to see what they’ll do. Then I’ve got to do the final Visa process stuff.
Does anybody have a clue as to why they rejected my MA? Advise appreciated.

Hi Joe,
The offer from PSU sr 230,000 is annualy or monthly?

you should see on the Ministry of Higher Ed. website if that Uni is recognized by KSA> (assuming its not because it was not attested)  if it's not recognized by MOHE, they're not going to check anything, because they don't recognize it as a university.

Can I get the contact of the  person who is in charge of recruiting on the female campus of PSU please?

Hi Joe,
I'm looking for a job . Actually,  I'm interested to work at PSU . I'm an experienced  female ESL Teacher. I don't know who to contact there in order to apply.

Thanks in advance

psu isn't hiring on the women's side.

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