Looking to buy a house or villa in Nha Trang

Hello Everybody,
I heard Vietnamese Government just open new law to allow foreign to own properties in Vietnam.  I am looking to buy a house or villa near ocean view in city of Nha Trang.  This will be my one day retirement home or maybe just a vacation home.  Can you please help shoot me some direction? 


I think the law  will change from 1 July 2015. There are very few houses or villas available with ocean views. There are several multistorey blocks of expensive flats/apartments for sale. A Vietkieu from France bought a very nice, 10th floor, 3 bedroom flat for $US300,000 in one of them, with views right down Nha Trang bay.  There are some land agencies in town, but I wouldn't trust any of them without a personal recommendation from a friend. Riding around town looking for "Cho ban - For sale " signs is just as good a method of house hunting.


I am from Nhatrang, My family has houses intending to sell in Nhatrang, near the beach.  I am not sure if it matches your requirement

What is your budget? 

Please let me know.


Hello Viet,
Can you please sent me a few pictures to my e-mail address below and please let me know what is your selling price?


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I will ask them to send soon. 


Do you have email address?

Hi JP,

Are you still looking for a house?
My parents have a villa near the Ponagar Tower Temple in a safe and quiet area. It's a modern villa built in 2009. As we live in Denmark we don't get to use it as much as we would like and therefore planning to sell it.
Let me know if you are interested, and I can send you more info and pictures.

Best regards,

Loan D.

Today is your lucky day...a few posts up from yours is someone wanting to dump his!!!

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I have a fully furnished condominium for sale, near Big C

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