German Language


I want to learn German language....

I tried to learn it through online but later i realised pronunciation is bit hard. I am looking forward for some one who can help me with that during week ends.

Any Germans in Bangalore and here in ?

In return I can teach you malayalam or tamil and other  local languages :)


Welcome on board :cheers:

You can check out the classifieds it there is any German tutor or someone who you can exchange languages.
Its in the green banner above the page.

Thanks Primadonna !!!

Hi Vipin,

I invite you to post your ad here : Language classes in Bangalore section.


Priscilla  :cheers:

thanks priscilla

Hi Vipin,

If this is for your hobby then online would help, if not you need to get a A1 level, which is basic but provides you with enough fluency. Let me know if you need further help. I can refer the institue for you :)

Good luck

Hey hello there ok I lived in Germany  for 16 years still live there so it was my intro  ok German is a very funny but quite an interesting  language I have worked v.hard to touch the skies on German language. So lets try to help u !! Ok if u want somehow my help do respond and bye for now
Regards annu

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