Where to learn Vietnamese?

Hello I'm Kim and I"m moving to phu my hung on July

Is there a good place that I can learn Vietnamese in phumyhung or in district 1?

I'm a university student but I happened to find this commuinity helpful for every foreigner:D I thank you for your comments in advance

HI., I know a teacher she can go to your home to teach you, we all learn from her , we are from Taiwan, we sometime do the volunteer work at the Taipei school at D7, Let me know if you are interest

Thank you for your comments
Private lesson will be much better, but I hope to register some institutes to get to know some people, having some social life:D

Dear Kim,
Try this one ,

Practical Language Center is a foreign language training organization with the following outstanding characteristics:

1.    Have an extensive training program suitable for all types of learners.

2.    Have young, energetic and professional teachers.

3.    Develop effective teaching methods with visual materials.

4.    Design exclusive text books for every type of learners.

Exclusive in Practical Language Center: “Membership Program” with the following advantages:

1.    With only 1,250,000VND per month, you can attend all our language courses (nearly 100 language courses) including: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese as a foreign language.

2.    You can attend all classes at all branch without limitations.

We can go out at coffee Shop and exchange language. Just pm me for arrange the time!

You should contact Saigon language school , the address: 2 Trương Định street, district 3.

Dear Kim,
My name Diem, i living near D7, Free time , i often go around Phu My Hung. May be ew can meet and talk about something.
But now, please add my skype: diemsummer2006. We are chating. i will teach you Vietnamese.

dear friend,

you can learn vietnamese at VLS.
you can check this website and take a look.

good luck!

dear kim,

can you send me the address and and contact number of the said institution

Be sure to find a VNese "teacher" who actually understands how to teach VNese to foreigners...

chi283 :

dear friend,

you can learn vietnamese at VLS.
you can check this website and take a look.

good luck!

They do a good job or so I've heard. Has anyone here studied with VLS? THANKS!!!

Hello Kim, welcome you to Vietname. I hope you will have great time in the city.

I highly reccommend this one.

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Hi Kim,

You can learn Vietnamese at University of social sciences and humanities (web: in D1

Dear ,

About studying Vietnamese, you can contact by online with the Practice Language Center at Phu My Hưng , this is good place. Before I was a teacher there , It is famous here.

Best regards

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I used to attend Vietnamese Language Club from this site that gathers in district 1 near Ben Thanh market until Jan of 2016 from Sept. of 2015.
It meets on Sunday eveinging for about 2 hours weekly.

I highly recommend it since it is free, Vietnamese vounteers are really committed, and you can improve your Vietnames as well as make good international friends.


I'm Jenny,I'm Vietnamese . I have been teaching English for 6 years .I know how to help you learning another language because my teaching experience. I can help you sometimes on skype in our free time.It is all free!! If you're interested I'll help you as well as any foreigners who wanna learn Vietnamese in my free time on skype. :)

Didn't any of you notice that freelan4035 has a profile that says she is a Vietnamese citizen?  You can click on the avatar.  Her/his grammar betrays this as well, but that may not pop up immediately for Vietnamese respondents.  Some posts have been modified and others have been allowed to list names of schools.  The whole thing is a little bizarre.  I think everyone has been spoofed.


I agree it's a little strange. However,  I know several Vietnamese citizens that speak less Vietnamese than I do. So, it's entirely possible, but less probable.

I read and write eight languages, though only one of them is human. Someday I may actually lean to speak Vietnamese, but for now I get along very well with Vietnamese speakers.

I have found that Not speaking Vietnamese has some great advantage; I don't have to pay attention to most conversations. I have managed to understand my wife and teach her English.

Sorry to hijack your thread Kim
I am also looking for a private tutor to teach me some basic Vietnamese.
I am British and have zero VN language ability (apart from asking for a Banh Mih with egg).
If anyone feels up to the job, please send me a private message.
I live in D3 but would be happy to meet in a cafe for tuition.


There are many places where you can learn Vietnamese is Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Or a private tutor.

Thanks. I just wanted something pretty informal, like a private tutor once a week for an hour. I haven't got time to enrol on a University course

Did you try searching the classified "Jobs" section? Choose Language Teacher, Ho Chi Minh City.  Then repeat search for city = Saigon.
( still maintains these as 2 different cities which makes searching a hassle.)
If nothing matches your requirements, you can post your needs there. In both places of course!
There are also Facebook groups for Saigon/HCM.

Two ways: pay for private tutor or find an language exchange

After you learn with your teacher, if you want to practice, you can contact to me. I want to be a friend.

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