want to work and live in Tenerife

Hi I'm Amanda I'm 47 years old ,, I'm a hairdresser and have been for 31 years ,, I live in the UK ,, I'm single and my only son lives in Australia ,, I used to live there my son was born there .
I am no stranger to living abroad and have a great desire to work and live in Tenerife,
I visit Tenerife twice a year and have a few friends / acquaintance there ,,
my trouble is I don't know were to start looking or how to .
I would love hairdressing job in las America's .. any advice would be much appreciated xx

Hi ,
I to have just arrived, well a month ago!  I hope you have found something by now ???? I am looking , maybe not as well as I ought :)... but I am completing a form and does anyone know what C.P. is ??????

I worked it out.... I think ..... its postcode  !!!)

Amanda .... if you are working ... let me know ... my hair is needing a hairdresser !!!    :)

Hey thanks for reply ,, I am working ,, unfortunately I work and live in England ,, desperately want to live and work in Tenerife ,,  :(

Hello littlemonkey3492,

I would suggest that you study our guide to gather the maximum information regarding your current search.

Kindly refer to the link below :

> Living in Spain guide


Is there any work for a digital printer in tenerife. I have worked all my life in a printing company in many different departments. Finishing and printing.

Hi Guys,

If you search the internet for:
Canarian Weekly - English newspaper on-line with jobs
Also Facebook has various Tenerife job sites..Tenerife jobs, Giz a job, Tenerife English jobs.

Amanda there are often vacancies for renting a seat at an established hairdressers to get you started initially and Sharny, there are several English printing companies out here that maybe able to offer you work. Just keep searching in the areas above.

Hope this helps you finds something.

Kind regards,

Thank you for that reply Vicki. I will have a look just to see the sort of jobs that become available. I'm only scratching the surface at the moment as I also work and live outside Spain. I live in Ireland.  We are totally deprived of sun here and I'm not getting any younger. I'm not familiar with living anywhere other than here and if I can do it, it would be such a change. I dream of having breakfast in the sun every morning. I love the heat, my skin hates the extreme heat of August in Alicante or Malaga. Been looking on line for small property to buy there. I would have to work over there, I enjoy being busy. Thank you again.
Kind regards

Hi myself and my partner are looking for pops woke my partner is a head shef and I am a kitchen assistant/ kitchen porter  has anyone got any tips on whaire to start looking thank you

English speaking Head chef and kitchen assistant/kp looking for work any help gratfully apritated thank you

Kenneth haswell :

English speaking Head chef and kitchen assistant/kp looking for work any help gratfully apritated thank you

Hi and welcome to the Forum Kenneth

Have read up on Employment in Tenerife

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