Finally in PP

Hello people!
                     I am Mike by name, and I come from the United States of America. I am here on a research project, and I am looking forward to enjoying my time here and getting to know more about the Cambodian culture.

Hi Mike and welcome on board ! :)

What would you like to know on Cambodian culture exactly?

How do you find PP so far?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thank you! I find this country really awesome in a good way. (the kingdom of wonder)

I have around twenty questions, but for now I will ask only a few.
Why is the traffic so crazy?
Who do bikers just continue riding without watching out for oncoming vehicles? Is it because they don’t have breaks on their bikes or what?
Why do people use their phones while driving?
Why do ladies go about with their pajamas the whole day?
Why do they add sugar to all their foods?

@Mike Thm

Because they can and do......... :D
No policing at all

I've never figured out the pyjama thing. If anyone has an answer I'd be interested.

Traffic enforcement in the Kingdom could generously be described as minimal (police are under-paid and unmotivated), but people not looking where they're going seems to be a general Cambodian thing and not exclusive to drivers.

- texting and driving is not a serious crime as it is in the west; some people can be seen eating cup noodles with chopsticks while driving. 

- they way they drive here is the same all over SE asia.  wheels have priority over pedestrians.  they just won't stop. 

- they add sugar, spicy sauce, soy sauce etc. to adjust the flavor to their liking ( make it more or less sweet / sour ).

- they wear pajamas all day cause its more comfortable and they probably live near by / around the corner and they came down to buy something or they run a shop-house; shop on the front and house in the back or upper floor.

Hi Mike. Welcome to PP. What sort of research are you doing?

Accident s of all kinds are frequent. Police do not respond to calls. Until u have done something really serious, they are invisible. Like most eastern countries, police are only in it for suplimental income.

I am so suprised with your questionions as you came from...somewhere else. As I came from Viet Nam, we are so familiar with supried.

I am very new here in PP at toul Kork area. And here are my Questions:
1. Why local  Cambodian Low income but spend much money/ and the price of good is high? and after graduated, and having a job, young people still received money from family?

2. Why I saw many strange gestures of Cambodian on the streets like: Kick out their legs to the higher positions (they do exerciese or meusure their length?); A guard sleeping by lay on the wall at working hours? Something weirds.

3. Is it easy to make friend with Cambodian? I dont know.

Hahahaa maybe they trying to do some balerina moves 😜😜

Hi Mike! I am Anthony. Congrats on your arrival in PP! I too will be traveling to PP in January, but for now I will live vicariously through you. I can't wait! I will be there indefinitely, to teach English and moreover, to make whatever contribution I can make in the fight against trafficking in humans. Enjoy your time there and please, do your little part to let the world know what is REALLY going on there. Thank you my fellow American!

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