Looking 4 foreign friends around Phu my hung or Dist. 7

Hi, everyone.

I've been in Ho Chi Minh for around 5 months.

Most of friends I've made so far are Korean, which I don't mind at all,
however, I also like to maximize my chance of being in a foreign country
by making foreign friends as well.

For being foreigners here, we can share information or our experiences together.
Anyone shares my idea in dist 7 or around, please leave your message here.

I'm a housewife and don't have a kid yet.
So mostly, I would just want to spend time for chatting with ladies in similar situation like me.
I can speak moderate English and, obviously, Korean.

It would also be interesting to exchange Language if anyone is interested in it.

Thank you.

Join us on FB: or Saigon Hcmc Mummies
We will gather for coffee morning 1/week and sharing our experiences.....

I would like make friends also

I'm looking for a friend too,can message me if u want..thanks


welcome. we can be good friend forever to sharing and caring each othe.

Please write me, if you like a soft and kimd person as your friend.



I'm also in District 7.I've been here for more than 7months.I'm a businessman from China and not too busy in sapre time.We can share thoughts and ideas in Vietnam.
We can keep in contact.For more infos,pls send me your mail to me :xxx

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Hi I am from singapore and travel to q7 a few times a month. We can meet in q7 when I am in town

Heya, I live in D7. Let me know if you wanna meet up sometime :)

Please note this post is over two years old and im sure the op has already made friends.
However i see that some of you want to meet up so you could form a group and arrange your meets ups ?  :)  Please do avoid posting personal information on here.

Good luck  :top:

Didn't notice that this post is that old haha. Sounds good jazzy851

Didn't notice that this post is that old haha. Sounds good jazzy851

No worries at all  :)

I did notice that a few people recently here have posted they want to meet up. So you could between yourselves, arrange a get together ? May be somewhere that's close and convenient for all  ?

Good luck and hope you meet lots of friends  :top:

Have a great weekend  ;)


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