I'm new to RAK - would like to make some friends

hey guys,  I'm Martyn, a 23  year old Dutch guy who's going to be moving to rak  end this month.  This will be my very first time  living completely on my own without family or friends  so you can understand how  daunting it's going to be.  Even though I'm a bit nervous I'm also quite excited to say the least.  Anyways,  I'll be working in the Waldorf Astoria  so I'm wondering if anyone here lives  around that area because I really would like to make some friends. This would really help make my transition to the UAE a pleasant one. I honestly don't know how active this forum is, though any response would be greatly appreciated. I promise I'm fun to hang out with,I really don't bite hahahah :p

looking forward to meeting you all.

Hello everyone, I  moved here from the greece and still have yet to meet anyone I could hang out with.  I find myself cooped up in my house during the day and shopping on my own. Looking for someone to hit the beach with or the mall. Have coffee and partake talk my email is ***

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hey michael,  nice to meet you!,  would DEF  love to hangout with you,  cause it must suck being constantly alone.  I'll be sure to email you today.

Welcome on board and welcome to the UAE  :cheers:

I hope you have a pleasant stay and get friends soon.

Groetjes  ;)

Hey Martyn! Are you already in town? When will you be in Ras al-Khaimah?  :D

Hi, I'm moving to RAK early August. I will be going totally alone myself so I'm sure I'll be in the same boat. I'm also 23 and I'll be teaching there for a year.:)

Hi I would also be moving there for work. I would love to meet you and it's my first time staying away from friends and family. What do you think?????

I would be there latest by November can we meet?

I'm moving to RAK in August all alone to teach for a new school eeekkk

I will be there in Sep or Oct, seems like we might have a small group form from here.  Hope to meet all of you by then.  Cheers!  I will be in Al Hamra area.

Hallo Martyn, ben voor het eerst op dit forum en ook 'nieuw' in RAK. Ik zou weliswaar je oma kunnen zijn, maar het is altijd leuk om even nederlands te kletsen. Wij wonen in al hamra huisnummer 748. De straat voor de laatste Royal Breeze building. Biertjes staan hier altijd koud!
Misschien hoor ik iets van je!
Groetjes, Henriette (uit Breda).

Hi Hentes,

Welcome on board :)

Maybe you didn't know but can you please keep it in English on the Anglophone Forum :)

Thank you


Hi guys, a really good way to meet new friends,have a lot of fun,and get fit too if you want to,is by joining RAK Goats Rugby Club. We have a full programme of events,sports and social,so check out our website or our Facebook page for more details !

I will move to RAK in the end of August/ first week of September and will also work at the Waldorf Astoria. I am looking forward to make new friend there.

Hello Briana! My name is Luisa and I came from Italy.
I will move to RAK in the end of August/ first week of September. I am looking forward to make new friend there. Let's hang out, go for coffee or the beach.


Who is in RAK now?

Hi everyone. My wife and I are also planning a move to RAK. Hopefully we should be there by September. I really look forward to meet you all.



I'll also be coming  over in August to teach. Will the school be prvoiding you with accommodation?  I'm sorry to be intrusive, I'll also be coming over alone and am a bit nervous and stressed  with find accommodation. If not habe you been told what you would be expecting to pay for rent living in RAK?   Thank you looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi what school are u coming over to teach in?? I am heading to RAK tomorrow to also start a teaching job

hello Please come and please contact if you need any help. I can be your friend for any help here in UAE.

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hey, I saw that you are moving to RAK and your from Dublin. I'm from Cork, I will be going over shortly teaching. Are you there now?

Hey are you in Rak now?!

Hello, I am Raj from India. moved to Ras Al Khaimah last month. new to this forum and frankly speaking i m not sure how active this forum is. Looking forward to meet you guys.


Hoe schattig!

I need help.....but ne help like?

I m working in bin majid resort..guess waldorf is not that far

so how is everyone is RAK????

Hi everyone
I am possibly moving to RAK in August 2016 to take up a teaching post and so am researching the area. What are the best places to live? and is there a good community feel? I have two children a 3 year old and a 4 year old, and will be on my own without friends and family and so am feeling a little apprehensive (hubby works abroad). Any advice people can offer? Thanks in advance :)

What school are you taking the position in?? RAK is nice, its quiet but it will be a nice place to bring your kids. Alot of people (expats) live in the al hamra area. That area is very pretty. Will the school not provide your accomodation???

I am hoping to start teaching at Rak Academy in Aug. Yes accommodation is provided but we may subsidise it to go somewhere else. We had a look around Al hamra and the mall but wasn't sure where the accommodation was, it seemed nice and relaxed. Do most people have cars to get around RAK?
Thanks for your help :-)

If you move to Al Hamra you will need a car to get to work as it is at least a 20minute drive to RAK academy. I recently got a car and the freedom is amazing!!! so i would recommend a car even though taxis are cheap and easy enough to get. i rent with thrifty in al hamra and they offer a teacher discount.

Hello, I am considering a teaching post at RAK Academy. Can anyone provide me with information on the teachers pay scale at the school, and what you could expect to earn based on 3 to 4 years teaching experience? Many thanks, Mary.

Hi dear how are u am Liz from Kenya but live in dubai and work here but I have my friend live there in Rak and is new also so if ur interested I will connect with her my number is xxx

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whos in RAK now .... welcome to all

I'm Julia. I have recently moved to Al Hamra village. Looking for new friends here, it is a nice place but feels quite lonely when you are on your own.

Hello Everybody,

I am living in uae since last 3 years now, but never explore Ras-Al -Khaimah.

my message is here just to hear from you people, what is best thing about RAK...

Does Rak have Snorkling too??? I am crazy about water sports...



Hello Guys and Girls,

Its so good to see amazing people in RAK. I have an idea why dont we catch up over a coffee.

Let me know know who is interested, we can meet up at al hamra mall.

what subjects are you teaching ?

Interested. Thanks r u doing ?

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