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I am moving to Tokyo July 1st, and I have decided to buy a car, and use my international drivers license.  I am looking for references for a used car dealer in central Tokyo.  I am bypassing Craigslist for various reasons.  I was also curious if anyone has had experience with leasing a car?

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You may drop an advert in our classifieds section - Vehicules classifieds in Tokyo

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would like to know too

Hi I am  Andrew  from brasil I life in  Shinjuku ku  Tokyo  Listen
dont Buy in Agency  .Sure the cars all  has   great make Up etc....But are  Expensive .
You can  By Direct in  Auction.
or in the  Gulliver  agency.  they have a agency near to  the magome Station.....
write in  yahoo japan  only................................... second hand  car japan
or  Used cars  auction japan.
.YOU gonna  get    Great prices   for nices  Cars .....and Motorbikes also.
:D  :dumbom:


I purchased the car, but now needing to go to the police station with my Hokan basho shoudaku shoumei (Certificate of Permission for Use of Parking)  to pick up my Jidousha Hokanbasho Todokede sho.

Since I don't speak Japanese yet, I am assuming this is going to be a painful process, has anyone on this forum been through this yet, if so any suggestions?

Buying a car is not that expensive in Japan. With dealer you can buy used cars. But if you can contact with some foreigner who does car business can be much cheaper. Normally they will buy the car of your choice from the auction and take minimum profit out of it. Normally dealers also buys the car from the Auction and doubles the price when selling.
If you want to buy an expensive car I recommend to buy it from dealer. Because if anything goes wrong they will take responsibilities.

I agreed. I bought two car and bike from dealer . It's cheaper than singapore

sr for the late answer, Last year i got a Toyota Prius 2011 for sale from a used car platform called CarFromJapan, you can check it here (

As far as i know, they export and import through many countries besides just Japan, and the quality along with the prices are really good.

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