hi everyone! looking for playschool for my 2 yearold baby.i am residing in thamrin residence.any good play school near this area.looking forward to replies.thank you!


Some of the popular and good playschools in Jakarta are:

- Julia Gabriel
- MightyMinds Preschool
- Nasional Montessori
-Tutortime Preschool
-iSmile School (got a small branch in Plaza Indonesia)

I personally send my 2+yr old to MightyMinds and up to date, I'm very happy with the way they teach. It is very similar to Julia Gabriel, only at a lower fee. MM is focused on drama, songs and artwork (creative learning). My girl can sing many songs, recognize alphabets and has a good vocabulary in both english & mandarin so this school really suits her.

However, the schools here have different curriculum/ philosophies. I believe every child is different and may learn better in a curriculm that suits him/her so I suggest you book free trials for all the schools you are interested in and see which one your child is most responsive to.

I've trialed most of the schools listed above so PM me if you have any questions =)
Let us know which school you decided on in the end.

Thank you so much petitpoix,for your help.will definetly explore each option and let you know whichone I pinned upon.thanks for the reply.

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Still looking for a pre-school? Have you tried Kinderland? Which area do you live in?


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