Vietnamese Divorce

Curious if anyone knows how long it takes for a VNese divorce to become final. This is happening in HCM if that makes a difference.

A couple I know just got divorced (both Viet). Once they filed it took around 10 weeks to be finalized and receive a decree.

In this case she is VNese and I am a Westerner. She is the one seeking the divorce.

Do you have assets to divide,that may take a bit longer.

If you still live with her, the time will be much longer.
Both Vietnamse: Some my friends are very fast, about  2 months; but with me, it took about 6 months, because we still lived together (dont have children or assets)

No there are no assets. I am back in my country and she is in HCM. No children.

Well that should be a very easy divorce to nullify.

Thanks to all for all your inputs. She was saying it would take a year. Thought that seemed a very long time for such a simple divorce.

They will have 3 times to reconcile, you and her will go to the court, and meet someone, he/she just tries to ask you both think careful about dirvorce. But in the first time, you can fill in the form to say that you are busy, you can't go there in next 2 times. I did that, so I only went there first time. I didn't have to do anything then, just my ex did all.

Hmmm! Did not know that. I certainly am not flying back to VN to go through a divorce I did not seek. I wonder what she does then. I have tried to reconcile w/ her, but she will not respond. I think it is that Asian " save face" issue. Heck w/ saving a marriage, saving face is far more important.

Another option is to do the divorce from your home country outside of Vietnam.

Yeah it will cost you couple hundred but save you the flight ticket. All she has to do is sign the divorce papers. But if it's more than just signing it can be a real headache though.

You dont have to be here to get divorced,just have the papers sign and notarised in your home country.

As I read the VN famiky law either party can divorce w/o rhe consent of the other party. Could find nothing on getting anything notirized either.

Does that law apply to foreigners. It seems you have read the VN family law rules so you should know what to do now.

I am not intending on doing anything. I was simply wondering how long it takes. I was simply saying the family law does not say anything needs to be motorized.

Just wondering how your wife can prove who you are without certified documents,eg passport. Dont forget the VN government only accepts documents that are no more than 6 months old. … 4849a.html

Not sure I even care if she can prove anything. And again I don't read in the family law that she even needs to. It seems she can simply say she no longer wants to be married to the guy on her marriage license and can proceed on her own. Which is perfectly fine with me. All I would like to know is how long it will take. Not that it matters much. It has no real affect on me here in my country.

Read the link I attached before it gives you a time frame,starts from when she applies.

Thanks for bringing my attention to the link, I missed it the first go around. Is that ever confusing lingo.

If the vietnamese couple have kids ? it take much longer ?

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