Offered a job with IIL/NITI in Al-hasa or Abqaiq

Salam aleykom va rahmatollahi va barakatu

and hello to everybody

I've just been offered a job teaching English with IIL/NITI. The pay is 14440SAR/month base. Single, furnished housing either on campus, or 20-60 minute drive away (one-way). Utilities provided. Transport provided. No housing allowance. 30 vacation days. Basic medical. 90 days probation period. Work visit visa. Flights included. 40 hour/week, 25-27.5 teaching hours/week. Startdate: open.

My question is have you worked there? With IIL/NITI In either Al hasa or Abqaiq?

About me: I've visited 6 Arab countries, but never KSA. I have extensive travel and teaching experience (bot never taught in the Middle East) although i have experience teaching Saudis in other countries. They were my favourite students  :cheers:

I'm a student there and believe me, you won't like it.
You will NOT be able to control the students, plus the administration is ........
Your life, your choice.

Edit: I don't recommend working for them, but if you decided to do so anyway, Alhasa is a lot better than Abqaiq.
Good luck, gentleman.

Hi Zanoo,

Did you accept the offer? I have also been offered a position with them and have been looking for information on the internet but there arent any teacher reports. If you decided to accept,
1. How are you finding the school? ( admin, students)
2. How is the area you living in and where?
3. Which area are you in?

Thank you for your help.

Salam Zanoo,

Did you eventually decide to go to Saudi Arabia and teach in Al-Ahsa? I have been offered a similar role with NITI but teaching maths.

Don't go it's the worst job I ever had in my life. All the teachers there hate it.

NITI is a fancy building  that seems to be a babysitting institution. If you're unfamiliar with this kind of situation you may be there a month have had enough and spend any money you made on your plane ticket home. You should request to speak with three Western teachers there right now , before you even consider the insanity of this and before making up your mind on anything. Many many people come over here regret it quickly and leave as quickly as they came. This sounds like one of those kind of positions. Serious caution advised before jumping on a plane for this one.

Hi, Im looking for my friend who works in that company his name is Brian from Canada.... does anyone can tell me if he is ok? im so worried about him...your quick response will be much appreciated please...

If it's the guy who cycles all the time. Yes he was there when I was there. He is just fine.

yes he is the u dont work there anymore? i have not talk to him for 1 week now i wonder whats wrong with a lil bit worried about him..his whats app is not working at u have any idea about the whats app out there?

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