New French Girl expat in Manchester

Hi People !
I'm Melanie, French of 21 years, currently living in Prague and would like to move in Manchester or London.

I would like to be in contact with a local person, guy or girl, of my age, who can help me and give me some tips about it.
I speak French English and Italian, multi-skills, receptionist, housekeeper, party organisation, I play guitar, know how to cook, well I can do good job :) And also for finding flatmate, know the price and stuff
Also I love Horses I hope there is small village where I can practise :)

Well, I'm open to conversation :)

Hi. I'm new in Manchester. Arrived here Jan 2015. I wish I was like you who can speak other European languages. I am actually looking for job that needs my language but no luck. just wanted to share.
French is in demand in some airlines. It would be so easy for you to settle.

hey thank you for answer but im looking more for Hostel, i don't have experiences in airlines stuff and not siitting all day it's not anymore my stuff :)

Hi Melanie, when are you planning on moving and do you hold any formal qualifications?

If you do, I guess London may be the better option, although Manchester is also fine..

Something related to tourism in Harrogate might be an option.
They push for tourists from Europe, so your language skills could be handy, and there's lots of horse riding locally, including the famous Follifoot stables.

I'd start big, going for the local tourist information places - link below.

If that doesn't work, local top class hotels might well have something for you.

PS - The countryside is stunning.

Hey ! Thank you for your answer I will look to this link !

Manchester first cause it's less expensive than London :)

Harrogate and area should be on a par with Manchester, or cheaper.
It's the posh part of Yorkshire, so one of the most expensive.
However, crime rates are lower than the cities and the area is amazing.
Clean air and good chip shops.

Google, 'Harrogate tourist'

Sorry what is it ''be on a par'' ?

Wagonhe :

Sorry what is it ''be on a par'' ?

Free English lesson.
If one thing is on a par with another, it means they're about the same.

Golfing term that found its way into mainstream English.

Chip shops are where you buy fish and chips, they're also known as chippies or fish 'oles.
A lot like frites shops in France (A lot of them are really good), but more Yorkshire, and with fish and mushy peas.
Don't ask about mushy peas, just buy some.

I'll charge a very reasonable rate for the next lesson :D

Haha thanks actually I really really love Harrigate so i guess i'll focus on both, and i've articles , 4 different of them and neither Manchester neither Harrigate are the most expensive city especially for living so i'll try, thank you for your help :)

Are you still looking for friends in London?

w221bdp :

Are you still looking for friends in London?

15 May 2015 - Probably not.

That and the vast majority of your posts are requests to contact ladies who are in or intending to move to London.

If I were a lady, I'd think a lot before I contacted you.


Your welcome to contact me for tip i am an African

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