Friendly Canadian living in Taldykorgan and often in Almaty!

Helloooo everyone,

My name is David and I am a schoolteacher from Canada currently living in Taldykorgan. It is a small yet lovely town with lots to do if you are adventurous like me. That said, there is only a very small expat community there. So I make it a personal mission to come into the big city of Almaty once a month to meet new people, go skiing, walk around, etc.

Feel free to say hi if you'd be interested in meeting up in either Taldykorgan or Almaty. I've been in KZ since August 2014 and am loving life here. Looking forward to hearing from y'all :).


Hi Dave,

Thx for ur update and interest in expat connections.

Where r u from in Canada?

I would be back in Almaty by the end of August and would be able to

connect then. I am myself in Education track, teaching mostly as Visiting Prof

at local Uni.

OK, hope to hear from you and cheers,


Hey Al,

I'm from outside of Toronto originally. Let me know when you are back in town and we can meet up. Apparently there is a pub called Kangaroo Grill where expats meet every Sunday at 3pm. I've yet to go check that out but I wouldn't mind!


Hello David,

I live in Vancouver and now I am staying one month in Almaty.

Would love to meet you if you have a chance to visit Almaty.

Best, Anar

Hey guys,

Good to know other Canucks are connecting to our initial dialogue. Hope it will grow on.

Again, I would be in Almaty by Aug 22 so I would throw you a line.

If you want you can let me know your local contact phone as well, mine is ********

Thx again and cheers,


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Hello David,

I am Farin Horsley, new in KZ, and just arrived back in almaty about 2 weeks ago.
It would be good for me to meet other foreigners here some time as there are not many people (especially locals KZ) who speak English.
Would always be nice to hear other people's experience about working abroad.

kindly send me email if u visit almaty to meet up.


farin horsley

Hi Al .
Hi Anar.

I am new in KZ and just arrived back in almaty 2 weeks ago.

Hopefully  i could also meet u up when u r in almaty.

Kindly let me know.


farin horsley

Hi Farin,

Good to hear from you, welcome to Ala.

I myself just came back and I think it would be nice

to connect by phone & possibly meet in person

over a cup of coffee in town.

Cheers and hope to hear soon.


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Hey Dave,

How r u doing ?

I just came to Almaty and recalled u may be around either here or Taldyk.

Pls let me know ur disposition and when u might be available for

freindly chat.


Pls also let me know urs, thx and hope to hear soon.

Al :)

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Hello Al.

Thank u very much for ur reply and ur welcome greeting.

I would text u my kz number .


Farin Horsley

Hi Dave,

I am from there UK and been here a couple of years now... I have quite a large group of ex-pat friends and we get together at least a couple of time a month... When are you next in Almaty?

Best wishes,


Hey guys,

I m back in KZ, this time in Karaganda.

Is there any expat there this and next week?

Would be nice to meet :cool:  for a friendly chat over a cup

of smth.


Al :cheers:

hi Al   :)

hope u are doing well .

have a good time in Karaganda   .


farin horsley

Hi David, Let me know when you will be in Almaty next time. We can meet for cup of tea. I am a tea monster. Gio

hello everyone    :)

kindly let me know if any of u in almaty .

we could meet for tea - coffee chat or even for lunch / dinner.


farin horsley

Hey Canucks,

Anyone in Astana these days?

Would be nice to connect, pls let me know.

Otherwise, I ll in Almaty after May 18 so

we could also connect and meet then.



hello Al.

good to hear from u again.

text me later when u come back in almaty. .

perhaps  we would be able to meet up.



hello everybody  :) 

how are you in 2018 ?

hopefully you all are doing well     :)


farin horsley

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