Getting School Admission in Muscat


I have just arrived in Muscat a week ago. I intend get my family here based on the chances of me getting school admissions for my daughters elder one in class III and younger one in class I.
Kindly suggest what are the chances of them getting admissions. Currently they are in India.
I have got with me my daughters passport copies, birth certificates, marksheets of previous class.

I have not withdrawn the admission from the current school and will do so only if I get some sort of an assurance of securing an admission here for them

Based on the same will plan for the future.

Kindly give me your suggestions/feedback/comments on the above.


Hi Sameerpatwardhan,

As your kids are seeking admissions in lower classes, the chances are even slimmer. Seriously.

The maximum rush for admissions in all Indian schools is for UKG / LKG / Class I / Class II.

Since you are already here in Muscat, it would be worth your while to personally visit all the Indian schools, meet with either the Principal, or the Vice-Principal and find out directly from them the chances of you securing admissions for your children.

I know that admissions for this academic year has already been closed. There were about 2,000 extra children waiting for admissions over and above the allocated seats.

None were turned back for want of seats. However, most were given admissions in a school not on their choice in the top 3, but outside, and also all excess students were given admission only in the afternoon shifts.

Indian school admissions, particularly for the beginning classes, is really a nightmare.

Better visit the schools, speak with the right people and find out for yourself how bad it really is.

Yes I am Also Seeking for the admission of my kids in 3rd and Ist standard in Indian School.

Hi sameerji Gyanenderji.
Please share your exp. Would you be able to get your child admitted  in indian schools and how? This will help a lot of individuals who are looking for admission for their wards.

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