Bank accounts/Credit cards.

they will usually demand you have the same value on deposit as the credit level on the credit card

Yes I think that's the way it works.

Along with many others we had an advert in the post for a credit card with Lombard bank so I emailed to ask whether I would be eligible, here is the reply!

"Please note that to be eligible for a credit card you need to have been an account holder for at least six months. We would also require the credit limit to be secured by a cash deposit of double the limit amount."

Some credit card!


It's stupid isn't it, Banif wanted a 2,000 deposit and proof of income even though my husband's pension is paid directly each month, and I have income too.

Hey all,
I tend to go with HSBC and open a straight forward current account with a debit card (like visa electron). Who tried this bank in Malta? any reviews? I heard few complaints about the costs
Personally, I dont want to have savings and i prefer a global bank that I can use everywhere... Please help!
Thanks .

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