Moroccan girl in Agadir wish to meet english speakers

Hi everybody, i'am a moroccan girl working and living in Agadir and wanna meet some english speaker..

I bet you do!

Nice to meet you here

Thank you guys !

She didn't catch the (funny) sarcasm, but some people are genuine  in their posts.

Meeting an "English-speaker" is synonymous with meeting Westerners, particularly Brits or Americans. If they were to be direct, it tends to scare people off for obvious reasons, so that's what they use instead. Just like the phrase "exchange of culture". When in reality it isn't about exchanging culture at all, but rather something else, and entirely one-sided, with little to no mutual benefit. A bit more frankness would be nice. It's lacking.


Just to let you know, we had a great time m and lobsang and another friend from france.. we are enjoying our time and you are siting behind this screen talking about people.. come on, life is for living so if you wanna join and change your idea, you are very welcome ;)

I didn't sign-up to this site to meet expats in my own country (as you're doing). If I want to meet them, this is not the place to do it, as there is more appropriate sites that cater for that. The purpose most people (expats/wannabe expats) sign up and arrange meetings on this forum, is to learn from other expats about their experiences so far in a foreign country, which is one of the reasons I'm here. I've already learnt a great deal from a British expat. Do's, don'ts, prices, way of dealing with things etc. It would be nice to learn from other expats too. We have similar understanding/mentality/banter, which just isn't there with a local, so we would benefit more from expat meetings.

Hello there or should I start with A Salam .. Is English your first language ?
Warm regards,

mostafac :

Hello there or should I start with A Salam .. Is English your first language ?
Warm regards,

Whom are you addressing?

Hello mostafac,

My first language is arabic !


emy87 :

Hello mostafac,

My first language is arabic !


I thought the first would be Darija? Most Moroccans I know here, don't speak Arabic as a first language, but Darija. Which is why they can sit there talking about me, and I wouldn't understand a word even though I understand Arabic.


It's Arabic and every country has a specific darija lol "the dialect".. I can teach you if you want and you will understand every word.
Fr me I speak all dialects "egypitan, iraqi, syrian, lebanese , tunisian..."

I always hear them speak Darija, rather than Arabic, so it seemed to be their preferred language. And when I speak to some of them in Arabic, they struggle at times, mixing foreign-words, and not speaking pure Arabic. Most Arabic speakers can understand each other (Egyptian/Lebanese is easy because of the popularity of their tv shows that many watch), but we can't understand Darija, as it's very different! As for Tunisian/Algerian, I guess it's because of your similar amazigh background.

It's not normal to speak Arabic in our country, only in the school lol in english also you have the street language I think and french as well.. I think you know what am talking about even better thank I do :D

How are you to judge what peoples motives are. She is looking for English-speakers and has to do that with a disclaimer according to you?

its a dialect not a language and you are right about that

That is not what I found

Hi I'm an American woman (28) living outside of Agadir I'd also like to meet some English speaking Moroccans or travelers...

Yes it's great to meet English speaking Moroccans, French, Germans etc.  Just makes the conversations more international and much richer.

Hello and thanks for the message, yes you are very welcome..

hy, im mohamed from casablanca, I've been checking on website and i found your post. if you want to meet some english speaker , I'll be glad to do that

Hello Khouja,

Thank you but am living in Agadir :(

Get a bus you lazy person.

Hahahahaha Am not lazy XB23 but I have really no time :( sometimes I work in the week-end

Re: English speaking in Agadir/ social gathering
Hi im julia from Stoke on Trent, England  I'm thinking of moving to agadir next year I would love to join in... I'm in agadir in July, sept, November 2015 please keep me in mind for events??

salam Alykom
How are u doing ? i hope That you are fine .
So any Wayi am new Here . And need to know Same New PeopleHere Elso improve my Skilles In english Language lol so  im Hamza I live in Agadir . i just sow your Posting
so i wonder if we can Met and exchange Language
Let le Know
Ramdan Karim

Nice to meet you

want to contact you, spending my holiday in agadir
call  or write in my email with telephone contact

here i am in agadir, english speaking male tourist

Hello Faq

Hi still in Agadir? I'm here for few months and looking for somebody for hanging out and I speak English. No franche and Arabic.

english Moroccan no .? :)

Hello I speak English and just came from America. Nice to meet you

Even i wish to meet somebody who speaks english..!Let me know if you interested.

Hello emy,
Im English tutor
How are you doing


Can you call me

Hi, I believe I could help you with English, and maybe you can help me speak tashelhit. If this sounds like a good deal then let's start.

Me too im from Agadir ;and i guess im an english speaker .

Hi I am in Agadir, stay in touch

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