Single Mum looking for advice on life in Sri Lanka please!

Hello Everyone! Here’s hoping you are well!

I am a single Mother of two teenage kids and am looking for advice on where would be the safest place for my family and I to settle.

I hope you don’t mind me asking your opinion on the lifestyle and everyday living in Sri Lanka.

I am a designer and used to have my own shop and African restaurant and need to be in a place where International high schools are relatively easy to get to and where accomodation is less expensive than other Asian countries.

I was born in Zimbabwe and my kids and I are German citizens.

We are currently based in Bali, Indonesia and are looking to relocate elsewhere. I would really appreciate advice on safety issues and what problems one might come across when setting up a business in Sri Lanka and if it’s possible to live there without a work permit.

Thank-You so much for your attention and I look forward to your reply!

Many kind regards, Viona

Hello Viona Loos

I invite you to browse through threads in our Everyday life in Sri Lanka section to gather some useful infos while waiting for members to respond.

Kenjee Team

Hi Kenjee
Thanks so much for your reply! Wishing you a lovely week!
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Malabar :

Hi Malabar,

Your post gives a good glimpse of the life an expatriate can expect in Sri Lanka ! Thanks for the post.

But what are the chances of an expatriate landing a plum position there ?

I am in Muscat, and of late, it is next to impossible here, due to the localisation drive.

I would say Nil Sumitran.  That's the truth of it.

Malabar :

I would say Nil Sumitran.  That's the truth of it.


But thanks for your brutal honesty.

I don't wish to digress from the topic any further.

Thanks again.

Hi viona
As per new rule you can't live in srilanka without a living permit,any how if you have an idea to open a African Restaurant  business+international school, Colombo is the right place

I suggest you go to the Sri Lankan Government Immigration/Emmigration website where you will find details of the various visas available.  The important thing to know is that a lot of expats have found their Sri Lankan business partners to be rogues - you need a very good lawyer - and you need to comply with the regulations relating to your specific visa in order to remain in the country.

Dear Viona

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with a lot of green wherever you go.  People are always willing to lend a helping hand but good if you have a reliable friend who will assist you till you get familiarized with the social life.

If you have an understanding Sri Lankan friend, he or she would help you to find schools for your children which are closer to the residence.  There are ample of apartments for foreigners and you may visit them to see which one you would like/which one matches with your budget.

To be in Sri Lanka and to operate a business, you need to have a permit.  I'm of the view that if you wish to operate a restaurant, visit some other restaurants owned by foreigners or catering to tourists and have an idea of type of food available, cost of food items on for sale, facilities available, etc.  Yet, you can start in small scale and if your services are satisfactory, you are sure to prosper.

Good luck Viona!

Please send your e.mail ID to send you a detailed reply.

Thanks and regards

Thanks so much for the useful information, positive outlook and feedback ! My email is: *********

Many kind regards

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If you are able to sort out the  WORK visa requirements then maybe you should consider it.

You might get a Visa to stay here if your children are going to school here, but if you are planing to do business here that is a whole different ball game.

Work Visas are near impossible to attain.

Immigration rules aside, Socially speaking, i will honestly not reccomend Sri lanka for a Single mother.

Its very conservative and can be  "hostile" particularly to women of African descent.

Thats my experience anyway!

Sri Lankans are friendly people, but purely on a superficiall level.

BE EXTRA careful if anyone aproaches you with a business proposal, especially if they are also trying to date you.

Hi Maryanne

Thanks so much for your honest and informative reply! I really appreciate and understand what you're saying as I know what African women have to face in this sometimes unfair world. Here's wishing you well and I hope you have a great weekend!
Kind regards,

Hi in case you need assistance please let me know.


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Best is find a house in colombo 3/4/5/6/7/8 .then schooling plus even for ur business the above areas are safest n closet for everything.

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